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Saving Fall Leaves

fall leaves from Montreal

Mike’s grandma gathered some stunning fall leaves while we were in Montreal! We pressed them in a book, and then ran them through our laminator. If you don’t have a laminator, we’ve also had excellent success covering leaves in contact paper.

fall leaves from Montreal

I put a few leaves in each laminating pouch, and ran them through the machine. They turned out great! I set a sheet of white paper behind them so you could see the colors better. Aren’t they beautiful?

fall leaves from Montreal

Mike’s grandma took these back to Nevada when she left, but we have the pictures to remember them by. And the leaves we covered in contact paper two years ago still get admired by my kids on a regular basis!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

32 thoughts on “Saving Fall Leaves”

  1. We did this as well, using contact paper (for shelves, found in home improvement sections) so that it was clear on both sides. We arranged them in some beautiful patterns and then cut them into rectangles and used them as place mats! They looked beautiful on our burnt orange table cloth and are a practical reminder of time spent together.

  2. We can see any picture, but until you actually look at it is so beautiful. Good thought and will for sure share your site. Thanks for the thought.

  3. I wish we lived in a place where leaves turned amazing colors, but I won’t complain too much with 70ish year-round. I love this post and will keep it in mind if/when we move.

    1. You have a fantastic collection of leaf activities on your pinterest board! Thanks for sharing my post!

  4. jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa

    Here in South Texas we just don’t have the changing of leaves like this. Very beautiful!

  5. Oh how beautiful! I’ll have to try this– thanks for the clarification on pressing the leaves. I think when my little ones wake up we’ll go on a leaf hunt. It’s a beautiful day (70s) here!

    1. We pressed them in a book before laminating them, and they retain their color perfectly. The ones we covered in contact paper two years ago are as colorful now as they were the day we covered them!

  6. Those are beautiful!!! I wish we had fall leaves down here, but they go from green, straight to dried up and gone.

    Something about the angle of the sun’s rays or something like that.

    Anyway, fall is sooooo beautiful in other parts of the country! Looks like where you are, it is!

    1. Autumn is stunning in New England – I look forward to it during the freezing winters, wet springs, and humid summers =)

  7. Your leaves are lovely! I saw something similar on The Artful Parent where they were used as a kind of stained glass look on a front door glass panel. Makes me (almost) want to live in a colder climate.

  8. One other way that we tried is putting modge podge over leaves. It makes the leaves soft, but probably not ideal for the kids who haven’t graduated from “putting everything in your mouth” school.

    1. Thanks for reminding me to try this! We are actually out of the “putting things in our mouth” stage – SO happy about that!

  9. Elisa | blissfulE

    Beautiful! Autumn colour is so special, and I love it that this format allows the leaves to be handled and enjoyed over such a long period of time!

  10. Heather @ Creative Family Moments

    Yes, I know contact paper will work but so jealous of your laminator right now! ( :

    1. I remember feeling the same way before we got our laminator… they do go on sale from time to time. I got mine from Amazon for $20, and it came with 50 laminating sheets (well, that was after a rebate.) Still a significant sum of money, but less than I was expecting to have to pay.

      1. Hi If you have a BJ’s superstore near you, I just bought one for $22.00! It works great! they have the laminating sheets for $7.00 for 50 sheets! Can’t beat that!

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