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Zirrly Review: Toys Kids Build Themselves

Making your own toy is a pretty amazing feeling. My kids loved making their own car and truck using Zirrly water fusible Super Beads. Zirrly review – we were sent a 3D Car and Truck set to write this post.

Making your own toy is a pretty amazing feeling. My kids loved making their own car and truck using Zirrly fusible super beads. Zirrly review - we were sent a 3D Car and Truck set to write this post. #zirrly #superbeads #waterbeads #fusebeads #hsreviews

Building Cars with Zirrly Beads

My kids love crafts, and I’m always looking for neat new activities for them to try. I was thrilled when we were picked to review Zirrly Super Beads.

Water fusible Zirrly beads are fun for boys and girls. We love this 3D car set!

We received the 3D Car and Truck set to review. My 10-year-old son chose to make the truck, and my 8-year-old daughter picked out the car. Zirrly makes more open-ended kits, but we loved the idea of making a proper car using this kit.

How to Zirrly Super Beads Work?

Zirrly review: toys kids can make

Zirrly Super Beads are super easy to use! First my kids laid their beads out on the template. Super Beads are soft and flexible. This makes them easy to manipulate, and they stay in place on the boards. Kids don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking the board and beads flying everywhere. The beads also don’t roll like crazy if they spill – they may roll slightly, but mostly they stay put.

Once a design is finished, all you have to do is spray it with water. The water fuses the beads together! The building trays have holes in them to drain the water so that they dry properly. Wait for the design to dry, then carefully peel it off the tray. If a design breaks, you can put it back together, spray it again, and it will fuse back in place.

Kids can make amazing creations using Zirrly beads - all they need is water to make the beads stick together!

3D creations come with support rods to hold the cars together. My 5-year-old daughter enjoyed placing beads on these rod.

Have you tried Zirrly super beads? These water fusible beads can be used to make all sorts of things, including toy cars with moving wheels!

Once the fused beads had time to air dry, it was time to put the cars together. The kids were thrilled to find that their cars really work, complete with moving wheels!

I’m happy to report that these cars are still working beautifully over a month after being put together.

Learning Through Play with Zirrly Super Beads

This kit was fun to use, but it also taught my kids! They worked on fine motor skills while placing their beads in the trays. They also had to follow a pattern and a set of instructions to put together working cars. My five-year-old daughter plays with the finished cars a lot. She builds her storytelling skills as well as plot and character development as she narrates her play.

What Do Other Zirrly Testers Think?

Now you have our opinion about Zirrly Super Beads, but why stop there? Check out these reviews from other homeschooling bloggers! Different bloggers were sent different sets, so you can learn about the full range of products by reading our reviews. I also love reading different reviews because different children interact with a product differently.

Have you played with Zirrly water fusible Super Beads? What did you think? Share your opinions in the comments below! You can also comment on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram

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