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Ziploc pudding



  1. Pour mix into bags
  2. Add milk
  3. Add a second ziploc bag (or two) to prevent spills
  4. Squish/squash the bag for 2-5 minutes
  5. Remove outer bags
  6. Cut a hole in the corner of the bag and  pour into cups
  7. Enjoy :)



I didn’t get any good pictures from this activity, but Emma had a blast. I think it was a good sensory experience for her, as well as a chance to do some “cooking”. Older kids can throw the bags of pudding water balloon toss style instead of squishing them, so it has potential appeal for a wide age range.

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

3 thoughts on “Ziploc pudding”

  1. What a fun idea! My kids love to shake the bags when we make Chex Mix, so I know they’d love this. Off to find some pudding mix… :-)

  2. This is such a great idea! Kaia was just talking earlier today about making pudding, and I KNOW she would love this method so much more than in a bowl.

  3. Fun idea! I’ve made icecream in ziplock bags before but pudding is less cold, less messy, and more delicious. :-)

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