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World Culture for Kids: The Gold Coast in Queensland Australia

Today we are visiting the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia! Post author Stacey is a stay at home mum of two energetic boys aged 7 and 9. Her blog, A Moment In Our World, is a journal of their homeschooling adventures! Stacey and her kids create lots of amazing things, they learn new things everyday and hope to inspire everyone in the process. Drop by Stacey’s blog and read about fun Winter Olympics activities for kids, icing recipes, and how to make a dream catcher!

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The Gold Coast in Queensland Australia

We moved to the Gold Coast about 12 years ago. It is known for its awesome beaches, high-rise buildings and the suburb ‘Surfers Paradise’. There are 57 kilometres of coastline here. Lots of people come from all over the world to visit these beaches. It is the sixth largest city in Australia and the second largest city in the state of Queensland. There is always some festival or event going on somewhere on the Gold Coast.

Burleigh Surfers Sunset

There are also 5 theme parks on the Gold Coast, which attract lots of visitors. They are Dreamworld, White Water World, Seaworld, Movie World and Wet N Wild. These are great to visit with the family, so much fun is to be had when visiting these theme parks. We have had annual passes to most of them in the past.

When visiting the Gold Coast, you must take a trip to the Skypoint. We have been there both during the day and at night. Skypoint is situated in the Q1 building which is the 5th tallest residential building in the world. The stunning 360 degree views of the Gold Coast are absolutely amazing as is the lift that takes you up to see these views. Standing in one of the world’s fastest elevators that takes you up from ground level to Level 77 in an amazing 42.7 seconds is truly awesome.

Our boys also love visiting Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary . They had hundreds of native Australian Wildlife on show and the feeding of the parrots at the beginning and the end of each day is magnificent to watch.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary1

The Broadwater Parklands has a huge playground for children to play on, a fenced off swimming area and the rock pools. It is situated straight across the road from a really big shopping centre, Australia Fair. Our boys love to play here and there are also many events that are held here, especially during the school holidays.

Digital Camera

There are lots of National Parks around here and we like to drive through them and have a picnic lunch. Our favourites are Springbrook National Park and Lamington National Park. These Parks have quite a few waterfalls in them, which you can relax around and have lunch.

The Gold Coast is hosting the 2018 Commonwealth Games, so there is lots of work going on at the moment. The light rail system is almost complete and the Southport Swimming Centre is getting a complete makeover.

It is great to live so close to such beautiful beaches and National Parks that we can visit anytime we want too. There is always so much to see and do here!

What an incredible place to live, Stacey! I hope to some day see a sunset like the one you captured for this post!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Living in Perth, I have heard of the Gold Coast but didn’t know much about it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and experiences!

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