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World Culture for Kids: Prague (Czech Republic)

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Today’s world culture for kids post is about Prague, which is the world’s most beautiful city according to several people I know! The post comes courtesy of Sandi, a kindergarten teacher who wears rubber boots and elf shoes. Right now she and her husband (who takes the non-Pete photos) have packed their backpacks and are spending 99 days travelling and enjoying new experiences – and we are benefitting! Sandi has also written posts about Dubrovnik, Croatia and Iceland for this series! Right now I am loving these three posts from Sandi’s blog: outdoor kitchen in a box, Mr. Kandinsky circle tree, and wooden spool nativity! You can also connect with Sandi via Facebook,Pinterest, and Twitter!

Prague – Czech Republic

Prague is a beautiful old city in the Czech Republic.

An old city with a sense of fun.

This is a city that likes to celebrate a delight in living.

Right downtown in the Old Town Square (just past the clock tower), there are always lots of fun things going on.

Huge bubbles are a favourite of mine. And for lots of other people.


The fire came out in the evening.


What’s a party without music? This medieval music band with pretty incredible elf shoes was very popular.


And for other music tastes, one of Pete’s musical heroes, Mozart, popped in.


What’s fun and music without food?

Pete’s favourite was sausage on bread. (There were 3 different kinds of mustard to have with the sausage – Pete said “no thank you”.)


And for dessert – sweet bread wrapped around a stick, dipped in caramel and sugar and cooked over hot coals. Delicious.


Prague is an old city that is enjoying its new freedom. And it feels like a happy party.








What a delightful visit to Prague, Sandi! I love that you got Mozart holding Flat Pete, and that you found a band wearing elf shoes – how fitting! Our Christmas tree has a small cross stitch that I picked up the materials for the one time I visited Prague, as a teenager. I hope to make it back someday – I love the clock there, and all the street performers and vendors!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. I have always wanted to visit Prague! And if Pete the Cat can make it there, I don’t know what is stopping me! Seems like a fun place for kids with so many street performers too!

  2. It really does look like a fun city and that sweet bread cooked over coals looks delicious – I’ll bet it smelled incredible!!

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