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World Culture for Kids: Mayreau Island

For our world culture for kids post today, Nadia is taking us on a tour of the beautiful island of Mayreau, in the Grenadines of St. Vincent! Nadia is a Registered Early Childhood Educator and mother of two extraordinary daughters aged 3 and 9 months! She is passionate about emphasizing the importance of having many positive learning opportunities, and she believes children have the ability to reach their full potential anywhere in the world. 

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Welcome to Paradise!


Salines Bay

Do you want to go on an adventure?

Then come visit the island of Mayreau (pronounced My-Row) in the Grenadines of St Vincent.You will need to fly in a BIG airplane and ride a small speedboat to access this small paradise located in the Caribbean!


Then you will need to get your “hiking boots” on to march up the steep hills to the village! When you reach the village it will feel like a family reunion since there are only 300 people who call Mayreau home.


At the top of hill you can visit the only school on the island! You will see lots of children from Kindergarten to Grade 6 learning each day just like you.


When you are standing in front of the school you will feel like you are “on top of the world” since you can see lots of water and other islands.


There is also a Church that was opened a long, long time ago in 1930, with an amazing view of Tobago Cays behind it.



When you are feeling hot, you can swim in the salt water or play in the sand at Saltwhistle Bay.


We do hope you enjoyed your visit; come again soon!

Thank you, Nadia, for this tour of Mayreau! What a beautiful part of the world!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Thank you for this virtual tour! On any tour–virtual or real-life–I always like visiting every day places in addition to tourist attractions, so I appreciated the inclusion of the church and school. Thanks again!

  2. jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa


    I especially like the photos of the school! (Okay and the view from the school!)

  3. I spent a blissfull afternoon on Mayreau in March (we spent a week on Bequia). It is incredibly beautiful. Saltwhistle Bay is the most amazingly beautiful beach I have ever seen. I wish that I had known about the school and the church. I would have liked to have stopped by to visit. I did visit a kindergarten class in Bequia – and read them Pete the Cat. Can’t wait to go back to Bequia and Mayreau. One day …

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