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World Culture for Kids: Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Today’s world culture for kids post is about beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia, courtesy of Sandi, a kindergarten teacher who wears rubber boots and elf shoes. Right now she and her husband (who takes the non-Pete photos) have packed their backpacks and are spending 99 days travelling and enjoying new experiences. Check out these three posts from Sandi’s blog: organizing sensory boards, Snowmen at Christmas book activities, and Flat Pete! You can also connect with Sandi via Facebook,Pinterest, and Twitter!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

There’s something about an old walled city that captures the imagination.

Dubrovnik, in Croatia sure captured Flat Pete’s.

Old city Dubrovnik Croatia

Pete is looking down on the old city of Dubrovnik from a fort high up on a hill. (The fort was built on Napoleon’s orders as additional protection for the city.)

He could see the walls going all the way around the city, and the roofs of all the buildings inside.

There are only three ways to get into the city: two gates through the wall and a harbour.

When enemies or pirates attacked, they would close the gates, and send soldiers to guard the walls and the harbour.

Dubrovnik fort

Pete fancied himself an important guard of the city.

dubrovnik canon

When he was not guarding the city, he enjoyed pretending that he was a cat living 500 years ago strolling the limestone streets.

Dubrovnik limestone streets

Dubrovnik Croatia

And getting a quick drink from the fountain (built for people to drink from).

drinking fountain in Dubrovnik Croatia

There’s something amazing about walking on streets – and guarding city walls – that have been around for so many years, and have seen so much of history.

Great fuel for the imagination.

Thank you, Sandi, for this wonderful introduction to Dubrovnik! I have always found walled cities fascinating, and this one is especially beautiful set against that incredibly blue water!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Right away when I opened this post my daughter exclaimed “Pete the Cat! Where is he?” So we looked at your tour together:). Thanks!

  2. Wow that city looks like an amazing place to visit. I love your photos – especially the first one that shows the city right up against that beautiful blue ocean. Thank you for sharing this!

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