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  1. Sorry I'm late… Okay I can feel the love in that picture… I hate to say it but I think I like it better than the one last week.. please don't hate me but this one just has so much more feeling to it.. and your little ones are just too cute (even Emma)

  2. So cute. Such preciousness. And the time passes so quickly, not at the time mind you. But suddenly your teeny tiny is 4 months old and doesn't look like that any more!!

  3. What a great picture! I hope things are going well at home with everyone adjusting? So glad to read about the crafting and making that are going strong. So good for sanity. Loved those pictures of Lily taken by your very talented friend, although you take some very excellent ones yourself, non-posed and real-life-like. Our littlest has been sick (thus sleeping intermittently) so I feel like a mom-of-newborn these couple of days myself. Shocking how much stuff we still have to do with so little sleep. And how well we do it! ;)

  4. Eek, that is too cute for words! What a precious shot, one you'll be so happy you captured for years to come.

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