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  1. OK, I was about to say, your kids are so smart I bet at least Emma already knows how to play. Yep, after reading the comments from readers and yourself above, I was right! Too amazing Mary Anne!

  2. I love playing with them. Emma and Johnny take it really seriously and are careful with the pieces. Emma can set up the entire board herself and knows how to move most of the pieces. Johnny is starting to understand the game better. I used to play chess with my dad a lot as a little kid, through to high school. My favorite thing to do after coming home from school was to have a root beer float and play chess with my dad.

  3. We haven’t introduced daughter to chess yet – I wonder whether she will like it. Perhaps I am overthinking it, but it’s not a fast game :)

    1. @Natalie – I’m a little surprised by how much Emma and Johnny like it. Johnny doesn’t understand the game at all, but Emma gets at least some of it. I remember my dad trying to teach me chess at around the same age, and all I wanted to do was play with the pieces.

    1. @Quadmama – The funny thing is, I don’t know that Emma would have the attention span required for chutes and ladders! She just really likes chess – guess she’s her father’s daughter!

      @Ticia – I’m horrid at chess, too – which makes Mike teaching them all the more awesome!

      @Jen – I know how the pieces move, but that’s about it. My entire family plays; it was just never my thing. I’m really glad Mike likes to play with them – he says Emma is actually pretty good for a five-year-old!

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