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Word of the Year Generator

Looking for a fun way to choose a Word of the Year for 2021? Try this fun Word of the Year Generator! Find your perfect word at the click of a button. Read also: How to Choose a Word of the Year.

Looking for a fun way to choose a Word of the Year for 2020? Try this fun Word of the Year Generator!  Find your perfect word at the click of a button. #wordoftheyear #newyear #happynewyear #newyearswithkids

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A Fun New Way to Choose a Word of the Year

I love choosing my Word of the Year! I started this tradition back in 2015, although I arguably cheated by using one word two years in a row…

You can find my past Word of the Year choices here:

Why choose a word of the year? It’s really just for fun, but I find picking a word can help me focus on a way of living that I want to emphasize in a coming year.

My word for 2015 was BOUNCE, because I was ready to bounce back from the upheaval my life was thrown into when we moved from Massachusetts to California in 2013.

In 2016 things we’d started to feel established in California, but things were still up in the air, including finding a place to live in California that would work for us long term. I picked the word LIVE to help me focus on living in the moment, despite uncertainty.

I loved that word so much that I repeated it for 2017.

In 2018 we were finally moved into a gorgeous house. My kids were growing and changing, and that meant my life was also growing and changing. I picked EXPLORE.

WONDER was my word for 2019. I’d loved reading the book Wonder with my kids the year before. I felt a bit jaded, and I wanted to recapture everyday joy.

CONNECT was my 2020 word of the year. I want to make sure I continue to build strong relationships with my children as they grow older. I also want to connect with more people in my community, and with opportunities to learn and grow as a human being.

Still thinking about how this yearly word game works? Read my post on how to choose a word of the year.

Luckily I found some delightfully nerdy ways to procrastinate. First I wrote yesterday’s post with the printable word list. Then my friend Andie created this fun printable Word of the Year activity.

Word of the Year Generator

Then I decided that it was time to dust off my oh-so-dusty coding skills (from the one programming class I took back in 2000) to use to create a custom word generator just for you!

Word of the year generator

This generator is super easy to use! Click the button below and you’ll get a word! Don’t like the first word? Click again and you’ll get another word.

Some of the words might surprise you at first glance. If you get something like “FAIL”, remember that it should be interpreted as “Try something even though you MIGHT FAIL”!

Mama Smiles Word of the Year Generator

Your word of the year is

The words are selected at random from a list I put together, so you might get the same word more than once, but there are a lot of words to choose from!

Find your word of the year at the click of a button!

Pair Your Word of the Year with a Great Book

Looking for a great read to go along with your Word of the Year? Try Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.

If you’re looking for a great planner to use in 2021, I bought and love this Progress not Perfection Happy Planner. The layout is different from other Happy Planners that I have used, and I love it!

What word did you get using this Word of the Year Generator?

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  1. I got open using your generator…. I’m not quite sure what I might pair that with, it’s rather, wait for it, open-ended.

    I figured out part of the way through the year I forget about my word of the year, and just leave it sitting there lonely and forgotten, so I quit picking one, but I always enjoy seeing what others pick.

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