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Wizard Snowman Papercraft with Free Printable Template

This adorable wizard snowman papercraft offers an easy Christmas craft template for the kids. We’ve even included a fun Harry Potter inspired twist to this craft! Today’s post comes from the brilliant Andie Jaye, who is joining me as a contributor on this site. Love papercrafts? Check out this 3D Christmas Tree printable!

This #HarryPotter inspired wizard #snowman #papercraft is the perfect rainy day craft for cold and stormy winter weather! #freeprintable #kidsactivities

Printable Wizard Snowman Winter Papercraft

Are you gearing up for the cold weather and snow? Create some magic with these fun wizard snowman papercrafts. Just follow this simple guide to create your own.

Snowman papercraft for kids

Colder weather means more time spent indoors. Reading and doing crafts are great ways to keep kids busy with their hands and off of technology. This project combines the two by creating a papercraft inspired by characters from books a lot of kids find magical to read.

printable template to make Harry Potter snowmen

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Winter Snowman Craft Materials

To make this craft, you’ll need:

How to Use Our Snowman Template

To start, print out the wizard snowman printable by clicking on the images below.


Wizard snowman printable template
Click on this image to download page 1.


Printable snowman template
Click on this image to download page 2.

Cut out the snowman shape.

Fold three pieces of copy paper in half and trace the snowman shape onto them.

Snowman template

Cut out the shapes to get 6 snowman shapes.

How to Age Your Paper

To create a magical aged appearance, lay the snowman cutouts on a baking sheet.

Prepare a strong coffee or tea and carefully pour on the cutouts.

Let this sit for 2-3 hours.

how to age paper

After the desired affect is achieved, carefully take snowman cut outs out of the tea and place on a paper towel to dry.

Once they are dry you are ready to build a snowman!

How to Build Your Paper Snowman

First, fold each snowman shape in half.

Aged 3d snowman papercraft - free printable

Using a glue stick, glue Side A to Side B (see image). Repeat with 5 of the snowman shapes.

As a final step, put glue on the front side. Carefully wrap the back side around and adhere to make a 3D snowman.

Decorating Your Wizard Snowman

Wizard snowman winter papercraft

Now it’s time to dress your snowman up! We created snowman accessories inspired by the different houses in the Harry Potter books.

Harry Potter house scarves on winter snowman papercraft

Choose a hat, a wand, and a colored scarf that best suits your tastes. Add a broom if desired. Glue on a paper carrot nose and draw on eyes if desired.

Displaying Your Snowman Ornament

Printable snowman papercraft

You can tape a loop of embroidery thread to the back of the snowman’s head to hang on the tree as an ornament.

This #HarryPotter inspired wizard #snowman #papercraft is the perfect rainy day craft for cold and stormy winter weather! #freeprintable #kidsactivities

You can also cut the bottom flat so that your snowman can stand up on a table.

Let these wizard snowman cast a fun crafting spell on your kids the next time they’re looking for an activity to do!

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