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Whole Child Education Enriched at Home Curriculum Review

Whether you are homeschooling or after schooling or just looking something to fill the gaps so many of us find our selves with this year, Enriched at Home is a program well worth looking at. Learn more about this digital, secular product based on Charlotte Mason’s whole child approach. This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for my time; all opinions are my own.

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enriched at home digital curriculum review

A Whole Child Enrichment Program for Homeschooling or After School

I’ve done a lot of home schooling and after schooling of my children. In the process, I’ve learned that good resources make a huge difference! I’m always looking for new learning activities for my kids, and I like to experiment with different educational philosophies. So when offered the chance to review the Charlotte Mason inspired Enriched at Home I jumped at the chance! There’s a giveaway at the end of this post, so one of you can also try this curriculum out for free!

whole child education with a charlotte mason inspired curriculum

Who Is Charlotte Mason?

Charlotte Mason was an English Education reformer. She emphasized that children were whole people who learned best when their mind, body, and soul were nurtured. She believed that all children should be educated, and that this education should be engaging and enriching for each child.

What Does It Mean for a Program to be Charlotte Mason Inspired and Whole Child Focused?

A Charlotte Mason inspired program works to engage this whole child by nurturing their mind, body, and soul.

How Does the Enriched at Home Program Teach the Whole Child?

enriched at home activity example

Enriched at Home is a digital education curriculum. Each month has a range of activities – including delicious, healthy recipes – designed to engage all of your child’s senses. This curriculum also includes a SELF (Social and Emotional Learning for Families) module.

Charlotte Mason was a huge believer in the importance of nature as part of educating the whole child. This curriculum is full of nature based activities and nature journaling.

What Do We Like About Enriched at Home?

labeled drawing of a bird nature based, whole child education

The Enriched at Home curriculum really impressed me! Here are a few highlights:

  • The activities are interesting and easy to do. That’s a tough combination to find!
  • Incredibly engaging educational facts, clearly designed to spark curiosity so that children will continue to learn on their own.
  • All of the details! This curriculum offers a lot of very helpful hints and tips for families.
  • The curriculum is very flexible. You can do all of the activities or pick and choose. You’ll learn a lot either way. There are even extra activities that you can substitute in if you want, or add on for additional learning.
  • The curriculum is very colorful and attractive.
  • It’s digital. Personally, I like this because I have enough things to keep track of in my house! It’s easy for me to print out the pages I need.
  • This really does feel like a whole child education. The activities are fun, engaging, and educational. There are a range of activities to pick and choose from.

Who Do We Recommend Buys Enrichment Education?

Enriched at Home is a fantastic curriculum choice for:

  • Whole child education. You’ll love this well rounded approach!
  • Anyone new to homeschooling. Everything is laid out very clearly, and it’s an incredibly accessible curriculum.
  • Anyone looking for a nature based curriculum. Enriched at Home includes a lot of nature journaling.
  • If your child enjoys cooking. They’ll get some delicious new recipes to try as they learn!
  • Experienced educators looking for new ideas.
  • Anyone looking for activities that work with mixed age groups. While clearly designed for elementary school, this curriculum can be adapted for older and younger children quite easily.
  • Parents and educators who want to incorporate more social and emotional learning into their curriculum.
child drawing and labeling a bird

What would we change about this curriculum?

Honestly, I had a hard time thinking of anything. I would like to see something like this aimed at older children. I know I find myself forgetting that my tweens and teens need to spend time out in nature and be nurtured as whole people every bit as much as my younger children!

Enriched at Home Giveaway

One reader can win an annual membership to Enriched at Home! Since this is a digital curriculum, the giveaway is open worldwide!

Based on our review, what do you think about this curriculum? Is there anything you would like to see added to it as a whole child education program?

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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