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What’s it Really Like Buying Glasses Online? Sponsored by Zenni

Ordering glasses online is a simple way to save money on prescription lenses. Learn all about shopping for glasses online. Sponsored by Zenni.

The summer I turned twelve, I memorized the eye doctor’s chart because I knew I would fail the test otherwise. Back then there were hardly any frames to choose from, especially in the price point I was looking in. Eventually my parents figured out I desperately needed glasses and got me a pair, but I disliked them so much that I often opted to not see the board rather than wear my frames.

I switched to contacts in college and wore them exclusively for years, but lately I find myself wearing glasses instead, most of the time.

Fortunately, glasses have come a long ways – particularly cute affordable glasses ! This month I picked two new frames as part of a sponsored opportunity to try out the Zenni experience of buying frames and lenses online.

What’s it Really Like Buying Glasses Online? Zenni Glasses Review

Glasses run in my family, and my brother’s been buying his glasses online for years. This was my first time, and I was wowed by the experience. I’d been reluctant to give it a go because I was worried about lenses fitting and being comfortable.

I needn’t have worried. I found two very different frames that I’m loving wearing:

I love the feminine look of the cat-eye glasses, and find myself wearing those the most. But sometimes the glasses frames distract me. That’s where the rimless glasses are a fantastic find!

Zenni rimless glasses

How to Find Glasses You’ll Love Online

Zenni makes the glasses buying experience super easy thanks to some very helpful tools.

  • A face shape quiz helps you figure out which looks will look most flattering on you.
  • You can search frames based on the prescription, color, shape, material, size, and features. I have trouble finding glasses that will fit the bridge of my nose, so being able to search by size was a big deal for me!
  • Once you find some frames you like, you can upload a photo of your face into the frame fit page and actually try the glasses on your photo to see how they fit!

Zenni Black Cat-Eye glasses


I was very impress with how both frames fit right out of the box!

How to Order Glasses Online

Once you’ve picked your frames, ordering glasses is easy! Simply enter in the data from your prescription. You will need the pupillary distance in addition to the regular prescription information. My optometrist was able to give me this number, but Zenni also includes instructions on how to measure your pupillary distance at home. Zenni offers a range of lens add-ons at affordable prices. Their basic prices start at $6.95!

Which pair of frames would you pick if you were buying glasses online? One of the two featured above, or another? Check out the many fun options available on the Zenni site!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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