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What to See in Scotland with Kids

What to see in Scotland – particularly Edinburgh, but also the surrounding area. A guide to visiting Scotland, and places to see in Scotland while traveling with kids.

How to make the most of your visit to Scotland

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Last summer, Mike took 16 college students to Edinburgh. I tagged along with the kids. We were in Edinburgh for a month, with a few outings outside the capital city on weekends.

Mike and I know Edinburgh and the surrounding area fairly well, because we lived in Scotland for three years as grad students at the University of Edinburgh. Our oldest daughter, Emma, was born inEdinburgh. We’ll return to Edinburgh in 2018 with a new set of students. Today I’m sharing our favorite things to do in Edinburgh and our favorite things to see in Scotland. We’re planning our 2018 trip right now, so please do chime in with recommendations of any places we need to add to our itinerary!

Things to See in Scotland with Kids

I have slowly been writing up posts about our visit to Scotland in the summer of 2016, and here are our recommendations so far. Be sure to also check my recommendations of places we loved visiting when we first lived in Edinburgh in our twenties. I also recommend these insider tips for getting around Edinburgh with kids.

What to See in Edinburgh, Scotland

What to See Outside Edinburgh

As you can see, I’m much more of an expert on Edinburgh than the surrounding regions, but here are some places we have loved visiting. Three towns that I haven’t written about yet that we also recommend are Oban, St. Andrews, and Stirling.

  • Loch Ness is a great place to visit in Edinburgh! Reviews are mixed as to whether or not we saw Nessie during our visit, but we all agree we learned a lot about canal locks.
  • An elevator for boats requires some serious engineering! We enjoyed seeing this brilliance in person at the Falkirk Wheel.
Visiting Scotland - places to visit and things to see.

Have you ever been to Edinburgh, or anywhere else in Scotland? What are your top recommendations of things to see in Scotland? Please share in the comments below, on my Facebook page, or tag me with a recommended site to see on Instagram

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