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What to Put in a DIY Broken Bone Care Package

Learn how to put together a broken bone care package. Bones take a long time to heal, and a carefully put together care package can help a lot! I put this list together with kids in mind, but it works really well for adults, too!

Broken Bone Care Package Ideas

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What to Include in a Broken Bone Care Package

Broken bones are painful, and then the healing process takes so long! A carefully put together care package can really cheer up a patient! Here are some fun ideas of what to include.

A Puzzle

Broken bones often limit movement, and puzzles take the edge off of that a little bit. I’m partial to Ravensburger puzzles, but 4D puzzles and 3D puzzles are also a lot of fun. My children are partial to Harry Potter puzzles!

You might also consider diamond painting, which is like a crafty version of a puzzle.

Fidget toys

Broken bones are so frustrating! Fidget toys help with the frustration. They can also help with improved mobility if you are recovering from a broken hand. I speak from experience!

Don’t forget old-fashioned fidget toys, like Jacob’s Ladder.

A Fun Game

I like to include card games (see above for recommendations) that can easily be played by two or more players as well as a single player game (see below for recommendations).

A Favorite Treat

Humans love food, and a carefully chosen treat can really cheer someone up!

Be sure to take allergies and any health considerations into account when choosing your treat. Remember that healthier options like nuts and fruit leather can count as treats!


This can be a Spotify play list you created just for them, an iTunes gift card, or even a record – now that vinyl is making a comeback!

A Good Book

Books make pretty good friends when the living, breathing kind aren’t available. Visit my 2018 and 2019 book lists for recommendations for adults.

Visit Great Family Reads to find some great book recommendations for kids.

Something Silly

Laughter really is the best medicine! Throw in a silly joke book, or just draw a goofy card. Thankfully you don’t need to be an artist to make someone laugh – stick figures and speech bubbles are incredibly effective!

DIY broken bone package

What would you put in a broken bone care package?

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