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What to Do During a Rain-Filled Week?

"Guys" by 2.5-year-old Lily

“Guys” by 2.5-year-old Lily

It rained for most of this week, although we did manage a rain-free walk to school with Emma one day. The kids spent loads of time drawing, including experimenting with fingerprints (fun post on that coming soon!), and painting. Lily spent a lot of time playing with our felt fashion bears. We also did most of the ideas from this staying active indoors post and discovered some new favorite picture books! My kids are also very into small world play at the moment – taking any number of our very significant collection of small animals, cars, trains, etc. and working them into all sorts of imaginary worlds. I enjoy listening in on this play, since it gives some fascinating insight into what is on their minds!

A lot of my free time was spent on the Small Hands Creating Hope project, which goes live one week from Monday! I’m so excited about the book we have created, featuring fantastic creative ideas (many with tutorials) from over forty bloggers!

How was your week?

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7 thoughts on “What to Do During a Rain-Filled Week?”

  1. I also love listening in to Anna playing with her playmates and on her own. I am looking forward to your book!

  2. What an adorable photo. My oldest is a little over two, and still only drawing scribbles and circles. I am very excited for her first illustrations beyond scribbles. We have been having a lot of rain here too. No fun. Well, it can be fun, but the sunshine is better :)

  3. Elisa | blissfulE

    I love overhearing imaginary play, too! Such a wonderful glimpse into their minds and worlds.

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