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Week in Review: Photography

Two Week old Baby Anna

Tip #1 to surviving your husband going out of town when your baby is 12 days old: take pictures. Then look at them once the kids are in bed to remember how gorgeous they are, and that moments like this are worth all the sleep deprivation in the universe:


Let your kids take some pictures, too, so that you can look at those and laugh:

six-year-old Emma and four-year-old Johnny being goofy

Six-year-old Emma is pretty good at the “hold the camera at arm’s length and snap a photo” trick! And this picture captures both their personalities and their relationship beautifully.

Mike had to travel this week, leaving at 6am last Sunday morning. I had a lot of help – friends brought dinner, and the awesome teenage girls from church came over and played with my kids. But we missed him like crazy, and we’re glad he’s back – for a little while, at least!

And I am grateful for my camera and love of photography – it helps me keep things in perspective!

How was your week?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

14 thoughts on “Week in Review: Photography”

  1. They actually take pictures of PEOPLE! Most of the shots my kids get are the floor, toys…….. Great shots.

    And I agree it’s looking at those pictures and seeing them sleeping that helps remind us what makes it all worth it.

  2. I read this at the perfect time. My husband has been traveling 5 days a week, and working a lot on the weekends for the past few weeks. I only have 1/2 the number of children you do, but I sometimes feel like I’m going crazy. During these times, I’ll just grab my camera.

  3. Great photos! You can never have enough pictures of the family. It’s great that you have friends to help you out. You must be exhausted at the end of the day!

  4. I agree – you are amazing in your ability to keep things in perspective. Emma is very good at self-photography!

  5. Elisa | blissfulE

    Those pictures are fabulous! And I agree… taking pictures helps keep me sane. Glad you survived, and glad Mike is back home, too!!

  6. I can see on Instagram that Mike is getting in some time with Lily since he’s back! I know you are so happy to have him back home! You are amazing Mary Anne!

    Love all of these pictures of the kids. Lily is so sweet with her baby sister. Emma and Johnny are funny above!

    I know what you mean about picture taking and love of photography. Taking pictures, editing them and then looking back over them is so important to me and definitely my favorite past time.

    I hope your week ahead is a wonderful one!

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