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Week in Review

Lily looks at Magic the horse

Lily looks at Magic the horse

This week was a gradual return to normal life! Mike’s mom and grandma went home Tuesday evening, and Mike left on a business trip at the same time. So it was just me and the kids suddenly back at home. Lily was much more tolerant of school drop-off and pick-up, although she still doesn’t seem to get it. We’ll drop Johnny off, and then she’ll say minutes later, "Where’s Johnny?", and the same with Emma. Lily and I visited both Johnny AND Emma’s classes this week – Johnny’s because I forgot to bring his backpack to school, and Emma’s because she was Star of the Week and I got to come in and read a book to her class. I think that helped Lily understand what school was, although she asks me WHY they are at school and that is a question I find difficult to answer! Johnny needs the therapeutic services he gets through preschool. Emma wants to go to kindergarten and is learning a lot, but I struggle a bit with how tired she is when she gets home, and even how stressed out she seems much of the time. Hopefully the stress especially is due to everything being so new to her – she never went to preschool, so this is her first school experience.

Outside of school, we got back into a more normal schedule of having friends over to play and doing crafts at home. Saturday was a REAL treat, because Mike was home (got back Friday night), and we drove with him up to New Hampshire so the kids could ride a HORSE! His coworker J owns a horse named Magic, and she has let the kids come up and ride him two times before. This time Johnny and Emma both rode Magic, which they adored. Then they got to go up the ladder to the loft of the barn, get some hay, and feed the horses! It was definitely one of the most thrilling moments of their lives! I took a bunch of pictures, and it’s an outing that will get its own post in the near future!

I’m linking this post up to the afterschooling linky, hosted this week by Amanda at The Educators’ Spin on It.

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9 thoughts on “Week in Review”

  1. Such a sweet picture and good to hear you are all well. Hope the stress of the new school situation settles down when the long days are less tiring.

  2. Elisa | blissfulE

    What a precious photo of Lily!!

    I hope Emma’s tiredness and stress soon fade, and it’s great that Lily is becoming more peaceful about the dropoffs. School must be a huge adjustment for everyone.

  3. I’m sorry about the school situation, I’m sure it’s stressful for you. Those are long hours!

    That must have been so fun for them to ride a horse!

  4. How awesome that your kids got to ride a real horse. Anna is also really tired after school, especially on the days when she goes to afterschool. It’s nice that your school allows younger siblings in the classroom, our school frowns on that – must be pretty difficult for parents with younger children.

    1. With our school it seems to depend on the situation – and maybe the teacher. They forbade younger siblings from coming to kindergarten orientation, although I don’t see where Lily would have been a problem.

  5. What a beautiful picture! I agree with Jen and can’t wait to see more =) My kindergartner is SO tired after full day kindergarten too. We spend most afternoons crafting, snuggling and reading together.

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