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We have a new fridge!

Lowe’s was really great about helping us take care of our fridge problem – I have a newfound appreciation for that store (at least our local branch). Having two tired toddlers along for our shopping trip may have earned us sympathy points, but they were even nice on the phone when I called to say we had a dead fridge so how soon could they deliver. It was such a stark contrast to the completely un-sympathetic Home Depot guy we got on the phone.

ANYHOW, they not only fit our delivery in today, they made us the first stop. We had our broken fridge out and new fridge installed by 9am this morning, so I was even able to salvage nearly all of our food! Hooray for snow on the ground, and for compassionate customer service reps and store managers! I’ll definitely go back to Lowe’s if we need to replace any other appliances – hopefully we won’t any time soon. This house came with all appliances when we bought it in 2007, but we were tallying it up last night, and the stove is the only thing we haven’t had to replace, for one reason or another. I did wonder why the previous owners were leaving behind such nice-looking appliances – especially when the rest of the house needed quite a bit of work to bring it up to par…

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  1. It’s great you got your new fridge (I’ve had two break down in the last three years and it was such a nuisance). Of course, you have a great cardboard box fridge too you can use!

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