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Washi Tape Christmas Cards Kids Can Make

Washi tape Christmas cards kids can make

Following the success of our light-up Christmas tree cards, the kids and I decided to make some fun washi tape Christmas cards! Washi tape is easy to use and very forgiving! Three-year-old Anna was able to make the above card (addressed to her friend Ella) nearly on her own. I cut out the tree, but she did everything else.

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Easy DIY Washi Tape Christmas Cards

Using contact paper to make Washi tape stickers to use to make handmade washi tape Christmas cards.

I learned this fun washi tape sticker technique from the book Washi Tape Crafts, which I was recently sent to review. Up until I read the book, I had thought about trying washi tape, but hadn’t quite gotten around to it. This book, combined with the cute rolls of washi tape that came with it, changed that!

To make washi tape stickers (in the book, these are not Christmas shaped and are used as fun window decals), you need:

Once you have gathered your supplies, you are ready to get started!

First, draw the outline of your shapes on the paper side of your contact paper.


Flip the paper over to the contact paper side. The outlines you drew will show through, at least enough that you can be sure to cover up the entire picture using whatever washi tape you like.

Fun and easy techniques to use to make washi tape Christmas cards.

Flip the paper back over, and cut out your drawing. Peel off the paper backing (which includes the Sharpie-drawn outline), and you are left with a washi tape sticker!

Using DIY washi tape stickers to make washi tape Christmas cards.

Place your sticker on the front of your card, and you have made a cute washi tape Christmas card that is so simple, even a three-year-old can make one (with a little help).

Washi tape Christmas cards a preschooler can make!

We also experimented with some slightly more rustic washi tape Christmas cards – this torn tape tree:

Super-simple washi tape Christmas cards

And a torn tape wreath.

Simple washi tape wreath Christmas card

They were fun, but the kids were most excited by the sticker version.

Washi tape Christmas cards your kids will love making

The best part was, once they had made a bunch of cards they wanted to send them off to people, so we spent the rest of the afternoon writing letters to people we are grateful to have in our lives.

Inspire writing by having your kids make these fun washi tape Christmas cards!

Cute little cat stickers made the letter writing even more fun, and I also see more creative letter writing inspired by the Write Back Soon!: Adventures in Letter Writing book I reviewed earlier this month.

I was charmed by seven-year-old Johnny’s reindeer (skidding to a halt):

Stickers are a great way to help kids start to get creative with card writing!

Fun DIY Christmas Card Ideas

Looking for more DIY Christmas card inspiration? Check out these fun ideas from some of my blog friends, and today I’m sharing ideas for making globally inspired holiday cards over at Multicultural Kid Blogs:

Are you sending Christmas cards this year? If you plan to include a family photo, recommend checking out these tips for taking great family photos!

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