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Visiting Miramar Beach and Setting Goals for May 2017

Visiting Miramar Beach and Setting Goals for May 2017. Setting goals each month makes it easier to stay accountable.

Visiting Miramar Beach and Setting Goals for May 2017. Setting goals each month makes it easier to stay accountable.

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April was a hard month, so it was pretty amazing to end it by dropping the kids off for a one-night sleepover with cousins while Mike and I escaped to Half Moon Bay. This was our first time child-free since Emma was born in 2006! The kids had a blast with their cousins, who sadly abandon us for ever-so-much-more-affordable Georgia this month.

Visiting Half Moon Bay

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We enjoyed walking along the coast at Miramar Beach, and enjoyed seeing some old cars that were in town for the Dream Machines festival.

Rivulets at Miramar Beach in Half Moon Bay, California

These rivulets on the beach at low tide were a real surprise! They reminded me of mermaid hair. Mike thought they looked like a great cover for a book on Stochastic processes. I thought I was a nerd until I married my husband… The beach was lovely; I need to take the kids there this summer.

Setting Goals for May 2017

Setting Monthly Goals: May 2017

Unforeseen challenges and tragedies for friends and loved ones consumed so much of April. Hug those you love, and be kind to strangers; life is delicate as well as precious.

Thankfully, for whatever reason, I planned a very simple month for April. The kids enjoyed a wonderful spring break (everything started to go wrong at the end of the break, so we lived in blissful ignorance). It was really nice to have Mike in town the entire month. I have no idea when that will happen again, but it was lovely while it lasted! I got a little bit of organizing and decluttering done in our home.

My May Goals remain quite simple.

  • Continue to declutter and organize the house. Gratitude and mindful living.
  • Help kids write up thank yous to teachers. Gratitude and education.
  • Sew, because it makes me happy. Education.

What are your goals for May? My friend Cassie is busy with a move (we have one of those coming later in the year). Cassidy has Etsy shop goals. Kate blogs about balance, purpose, health, and organization for her goals.Please share in the comments below, or on my Facebook page. You can also tag me on Instagram

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8 thoughts on “Visiting Miramar Beach and Setting Goals for May 2017”

  1. There’s a great idea of convalescence- time to recover instead of rushing onto the next thing. It’s become a forgotten art, but I think it still holds value- especially when we can pass it onto our littles. Wishing you a slow month with extra hugs and lots of sewing. You’ll be in my thoughts. xx

  2. It’s amazing how much we need simplicity in hard times, even though sometimes we are inclined to want to be “busy” to take our mind off things. My heart is with you as you move through difficult times. Sending virtual hugs your way.

  3. I’m working with the kids on decluttering, and we’re slowly working our way around the upstairs. The scary part will be when we get to their room…….

    This past week has been an odd one for me with many people I know tangentially being touched by tragedy, and it’s a lot to process.

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