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Van Gogh Art Lessons for Elementary School Children

We loved this sensory approach to Van Gogh art lessons for elementary school aged children. The use of clay makes it easy for kids to mimic an impasto effect.

Using clay as a medium for exploring the art of Van Gogh and impasto paint

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Van Gogh Art Lessons for Elementary School Children

My kids find Van Gogh’s art fascinating. They are especially fond of The Starry Night. I’m not sure when they were first introduced to this work of art, but it comes up in their own artwork as well as in conversations we have around art. So when Homespun and Hands On asked if we would like to review their Van Gogh in Clay kits, we were happy to say YES!

A leveled approach to teaching the same Van Gogh unit to a mixed-age group of children.

Homespun and Hands on kits are unique, because you can purchase leveled versions of the same kit. Their Van Gogh art lessons for elementary school children are identical across the different levels, but the instructions vary to match the abilities of differently aged children. Four-year-old Anna received a Red Level (targeting ages 5-7) kit. 7-year-old Lily and 9-year-old Johnny received Yellow Level kits (targeting ages 8-10). Ten-year-old Emma (she turns eleven this month!) received the Blue Level kit (targeting ages 11-13).

High Quality Art Materials for Van Gogh Art Lessons

I am a big fan of offering children high quality art materials, and we were all impressed by the materials in the Van Gogh in Clay kits. Each child received pots of high quality (and non toxic) paints, glaze, clay, and wooden art materials. They were sent a range of paintbrushes, wooden rolling pin, and wooden materials for adding texture and shapes to their clay creations. The included curriculum came with high quality prints of several Van Gogh paintings.

Using clay to introduce kids to the impasto painting technique

My three older children chose to create masterpieces inspired by The Starry Night.

Van Gogh art unit for elementary school aged children

Johnny used one tool to create the textures you see in the paintings. Emma used another:

A fun clay-based introduction to Van Gogh's art for children

They enjoyed painting their masterpieces once the clay was dry, but all four children opted out of glazing them. They have both clay and paint left over, so maybe we will glaze a future project.

Van Gogh Art Lessons for Elementary School Children

Four-year-old Anna used the clay techniques form the kit to create her own work of art.

We LOVE this leveled art approach for children.

Anna’s artwork features a person and a puppy. I don’t know of a Van Gogh painting featuring this, but she IS very excited that we will get a dog once we move out of our condo this summer or fall.

clay as an introduction to impasto painting for kids

My kids would love to learn more about Van Gogh. Do you have any other Van Gogh art lessons for elementary school children that we should try? Share links on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram

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