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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

An adorable handprint card for kids to make for Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

An adorable handprint card for kids to make for Father's Day or Valentine's Day. #kidcrafts #ece #preschool

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Simple Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

This simple handprint Valentine is one of my favorite Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. It also doubles as a fantastic Father’s Day or Mother’s Day card kids can make. I love that it can be made using the tiniest of handprints.

To make the card, simply trace your child’s hand on construction paper. Cut out a heart out of a different color of paper. Than fold the child’s two middle fingers over to sign “I Love You” in sign language. Glue or tape to the card (we recommend glue dots or a glue stick).

We made this card for Mike as Day 11 of our Week of Valentines, and on the front we listed 11 reasons Mike is the Best Dad Ever.

Adorable Valentine's Day craft for kids

Here is the list (compiled by Emma):

  1. You give the birds food (Mike refills our bird feeder)
  2. You play with Emma and Johnny
  3. You bring home treats
  4. Roughhousing
  5. Cuddles
  6. Hop on Pop (inspired by Dr. Seuss, Mike lets the kids jump on his stomach)
  7. You let Emma play with your [wedding] ring
  8. You fix things (Mike was credited by Emma for restoring power after our recent blackout)
  9. You put Emma and sometimes Johnny to bed
  10. You love Emma and Johnny and the baby in Mama’s tummy
  11. You love Mama

More Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

First, an easy way to spice up a simple construction paper valentine. Instead of cutting out hearts or other shapes out of construction paper for your child to glue onto the card, cut the hearts out of felt. One of Emma’s little friends gave her a simple construction paper valentine with little felt hearts and kitty cats glued on. Emma loved feeling the soft shapes, and she’s been carrying the card around nonstop.

And now, a few Valentine’s Day crafts from other blogs that look like fun:

This cute Play Valentine Mail Set requires some sewing, but it would make a fun Valentine’s Day gift for kids.

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day crafts for kids?

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