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Using Pokemon Cards to Learn to Draw

Using Pokemon cards to learn to draw

Pokemon cards* are all the rage at my kids’ elementary school, just as I remember them being popular with some of my younger siblings’ classes. Nine-year-old Emma spent her savings on some cards. They arrived Friday afternoon, and all four kids have been using them as inspiration for drawing all weekend.

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Using Pokemon Cards to Learn to Draw

Pokemon cards are actually pretty decent tools for learning how to draw! My kids like that each card is unique. There are a wide range of characters, and I like that they are very emotionally expressive. The simple lines, small scale, and emphasis on one character per card makes this a very approachable drawing exercise! The cards feature lots of different backgrounds, too. So far my kids haven’t draw those at all, focusing exclusively on the characters, but it is something they could do to branch out over time.

What do your kids like to draw?

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14 thoughts on “Using Pokemon Cards to Learn to Draw”

  1. Emma draws beautifully! I love how Pokemon cards inspire her to draw! My son loved the cards but he didn’t draw much though comics are inspiring him to draw now.

  2. jeannine @ waddleeahchaa

    Funny, I had no idea Pokemon was back! Those were big when I was teaching.

    My kids probably draw every day. They both have little journals for doodling and we always have lots of blank paper on hand. They are two very different drawers! MacGyver is into nonfiction . . . dinosaurs, dragons, reptiles, insects . . . . Miss Enigma is big into people, friends, family, our dogs and animals. She shows much more emotion in her drawings.

  3. Elisa | blissfulE

    Those drawings you show are very good, so detailed! My kids have been drawing on envelopes for the tooth fairy lately – we’ve had four teeth out in the last week!

  4. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    Hmm… Pokemon mania hasn’t visited our school yet… or my daughter is not interested in that. She has no interest in superheroes or anything related to any sort of TV characters :)

  5. I find it amazing Pokemon cards are still the rage 13 years after I quite teaching.

    My daughter got a “how to draw” book for a late birthday present and loves it.

  6. Wow I’m so amazed Pokemon cards are still the rage! My nephews were so into that, and they’re 22 now haha! My eldest is so into bridges now ever since we visited San Francisco, so all he draws are bridges (the ones he saw in SF and even the ones down here, though we don’t have nearly as many).

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