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TWO Birthdays!!!


One year ago today, beautiful Anna entered our world! She charmed us all from the start, and we have loved every second of this past year of having her in our family!


Anna was born on Mike’s birthday – so now we celebrate TWO birthdays on one day! One wonderful husband and dad, and a wonderful daughter and sister!


Anna has been quite the gift to our entire family – bringing smiles, laughs, and lots of hugs. I love picking her up and feeling her arms around my neck, and her tiny hand patting my back.


She says “Hi, Guys!” to random people we pass on the street and in stores. She loves when people smile back at her!


Happy Birthday, Anna!


And Happy Birthday, Mike!

I’m so glad I have both of you in my life!!!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

27 thoughts on “TWO Birthdays!!!”

  1. How fun to have a shared birthday!! The picture of Mike kissing Anna just sums it all up beautifully. What a gorgeous baby, with such a sunny personality!!

  2. jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa

    Such adorably sweet baby smiles! The best birthday present ever – a baby!
    Happy, Happy Birthday to both!

  3. My daughter has a pretty pink smocked dress just like that 40 years ago:) Your Anna is adorable and Mike is a cute one too:) Happy birthday to both! (My husband shares his birthday with our Corgi, Ron:) Not the same, but fun!)

    1. My very talented aunt made this dress for my now-38-year-old sister when she was a baby! It has been worn by all three of my girls, as well as me and my five sisters :)

  4. What a special day for your family! Happy Birthday Anna & Mike – I hope you enjoyed a lot of cake and that Anna got sufficiently messy with hers!

  5. Happy birthday to your Anna. I have an Anna who was born into our family 21 years ago today. And just as your Anna has, ours too,has brought great joy into our lives.

  6. for real, they grow so fast!! I feel like I remember you having Lily just the other day! I have to share something funny–a friend had pinned something on Pinterest and the picture that went along with it was Emma playing with those educational toys. I totally recognized her in the teeny picture, haha!

  7. Wow! 2 birthdays on the same day. That’s also very efficient but Mike’s birthday might be overshadowed. That’s what happened to our anniversary which is 4 days after my son’s birthday. Oh well. Kids get more excited to celebrate anyway!

    1. Luckily Mike loves it. Our anniversary often overlaps Father’s Day, and if I had thought ahead I would have planned it for another day, but it works out. And I have shared my birthday with the country my entire life (July 4th) :)

  8. Happy birthday to Mike and Anna! I had forgotten that they shared a birthday, that is so special!

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