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Trilingual Board Books from Little Pim

Little Pim trilingual board books

I think it is important for kids to get exposure to foreign languages. Becoming bilingual is awesome, but kids benefit from any exposure. I learned French, Spanish, and German through being raised in Guatemala, France, Bolivia, and Austria; I studied Russian in college and taught myself (now incredibly rusty) Serbo-Croatian in grad school. Knowing foreign languages gave me a huge advantage when I was taking the SAT and ACT, and I often appreciate my ability to decipher Cyrillic characters. I believe that having any familiarity with a foreign language makes the world seem more friendly, and learning a foreign language can be a great first step in developing empathy for a culture other than the one we are born into. I had visions of creating a fully bilingual home, but so far we have more of a “we love languages but don’t consistently speak anything other than English” approach. I do my best to surround my kids with resources in other languages, and that is where today’s post about trilingual board books from Little Pim (which we were sent to review) comes in!

Exploring Spanish and French with Little Pim board books

The kids and I have borrowed Little Pim videos from the library and watched them through Amazon Instant Video (affiliate link) for years, but I only recently discovered these English-Spanish-French board books! We were sent four: Numbers, Animals, Colors, and Feelings. Each board book is sturdily made with lift the flaps and sliding images to make the book interactive. All four of my kids think they are fun, but five-year-old Lily and two-year-old Anna like them best – predictably, since they fall well within Little Pim’s 0-6 target age range. I was impressed with all four books, and I hope that Little Pim will release more books for this series!

Introduce kids to Spanish and French with Little Pim board books

Are you interested in exposing your kids to more than one language? Little Pim has generously offered one US-based reader of this blog a $75 gift certificate to their online store!

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Are your children learning a second or third language? Which ones? Do you have any great language learning resources to share? How would you spend this gift certificate if you won? My world culture for kids series is another great way to get kids thinking about the world they live in!

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

35 thoughts on “Trilingual Board Books from Little Pim”

  1. My three young children are homeschooled and asked to learn my second language, French! The DVD’s and books would be a wonderful way to get them started!

  2. My son is learning some french via my husband so we will probably get him some more French learning material.

  3. I’ve just become familiar with this technique and would love to get my 18month old started!

  4. I would get the Spanish Discovery Set for my niece and nephew! I’ll be the favorite aunt for sure! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you!

  5. I would get some of the French and Spanish boards for my granddaughter she starts kindergarten this year and I think it would be good for her to start learning other languages.

  6. I would buy some Spanish books for my nephew. He already speaks English and Mandarin, but I think he wants to learn Spanish.

  7. We’ve been teaching our daughter French with some books for a year. I’m not sure if she understands the French, but she really likes the books; especially the ones with bears. I would get a few sets of the board books. Definitely French and Spanish and maybe Japanese.

  8. I would love to get a bunch of ESL flash cards and board books for the ESL children I volunteer with.

  9. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    We have a couple of Little Pim DVDs. I would spend the certificate to complete both our Russian and German collection.

  10. Of course you are so right about how language awareness aids in our understanding of so many things. I would be looking for French resources since Grandma would like to take us to France!

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