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Transporting Kids with the Taga Bike

Taga bike wooden seat review at mamasmiles.com

I’ve written about our Taga Bike before, and how it can convert in under a minute (even with me doing the converting) from a bike to a stroller. Taga sent us their wooden double seat to review, and it has gotten a lot of use carting Lily to and from preschool!

transporting kids with the Taga cargo bike

This sturdy seat has a rain cover, which is also great for keeping the kids warm on chilly mornings. You can either hook it together quickly with the elastics on the ends (what we usually do for cold weather):

Using the rain cover on the wooden double seat for the taga bike - full review at mamasmiles.com

Or you can zip the sides securely shut for when you really need to keep the rain out. In a full-on rainstorm, a little water will get in through the wooden handles you see in the photo above – but only in a real downpour.

Zipping the rain cover on the wooden double seat for the taga bike - full review at mamasmiles.com

When the weather is nice, Lily and Anna prefer to ride with the sides rolled up. They wave and yell hi to random people (and cars) that we pass on the street. About half the time people ask what kind of nifty contraption they are riding in.

Alternatives to car transporation for families - taga bike review at mamasmiles.com

Taga also offers a second seat that attaches to the blue seat at the end of this post (which was featured in my first post about the taga bike). You can still use the Taga in stroller mode with the second fabric seat, but not with this wooden seat. I still prefer the wooden seat since it allows enough space to fit backpacks or other items in addition to kids – and because it has the rain cover for wet or cold days. Right now, Taga is even offering the wooden seat for free when you purchase a Taga Bike-Stroller!

reviewing the taga bike at mamasmiles.com

This seat was a little challenging to put together – I put the hood on backwards (the pocket should be facing the rider) – but we left it that way because it fits (although that’s why the fabric is wrinkled) and it allows more room for taller riders like Mike – who at 6’2” is definitely on the taller end for riding this bike. He makes it work, though! I’m about 5’7”, and the seat is about perfect for me when it’s at its tallest height. Here is a video clip of it in action:

I also wanted to add a few photos showing how the bike transforms from bike to stroller mode with the single seat. Here it is in bike mode.

Taga bike review - single seat and wooden double seat review at mamasmiles.com

You can lift the seat off without having to unstrap your child, and sit them on the ground – so they remain strapped in (and unable to run off into the street). Then you lower the seat:

converting the taga bike from bike mode to stroller mode. Full review at mamasmiles.com

Lift a handle with the press of a button, flip the back wheel into the front, and snap the handle back in place. Notice that this happened so quickly (even with me photographing the steps) that Anna isn’t remotely worried about sitting on the ground.

the taga bike switching into stroller mode. Full review at mamasmiles.com

Snap the seat back into place, and you’re good to go. This works if you have the single mode basket on, also (see the photos in my original taga review post) – but I had taken it off to use the wooden seat, and didn’t bother to put it back on to photograph these steps. Anna prefers using the bike in bike mode because she likes to go fast, but she prefers riding in the Taga in stroller mode over our actual stroller, so the seat must be pretty comfy.

The taga bike in stroller mode. Full review at mamasmiles.com

Are you thinking of ordering a Taga bike? Use code MARYANNE100 to add a free rain cover to your order!

What is your favorite way to get around with kids?

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33 thoughts on “Transporting Kids with the Taga Bike”

    1. Thank you, Ana! I ride it on a sloped hill every time we bike home, and it is more difficult than a standard bike because the wheels are smaller and you are carrying extra weight, but it can be done! The steeper the slope, the greater the workout.

  1. Thank you so much for this review. We are a car free family and our first baby is due sep. I am looking into options for travel with one (hopefully then two!) small kids. I found your review very helpful. The taga looks great! But I was wondering how you found this bike on bumps? I am worried about jiggling little ones around too much. The bike path, that would be safesty way to get to town is stoney in places.

    1. That’s a great question! The bike does not have suspension, so it might be a bit bumpy, but I think the three-wheeled aspect makes the ride a bit smoother. We do bike on a dirt path pretty frequently, and my kids don’t mind that.

  2. This is the coolest thing ever!!! I want one badly. Would use car a lot less. Especially being able to carry 2 children. Brilliant.

  3. This is so cool!! I love it and I can’t get over how big your girls have gotten. Anna in particular looks like she’s had a growth spurt. What a fun way for Lily to get to preschool!

    1. This is Lily’s favorite way to go to preschool! And yes, Anna has gotten much taller lately. She is talking more and acting older all the way round!

  4. I’ve never heard of the Taga bike, but what an awesome product! I think my little one may have outgrown the stroller, but I would recommend it for sure.

  5. I was impressed the first time you showed this bike. I pretty much applaud anyone who can make use of bikes to get around. I wish I could get around with a bike, but on my days off I like the fact that I can walk my kid to preschool. We try to do that as much as possible. I used to live in a really centralized location a few years back where I could walk (or potentially bike if I had one) to anywhere—movies, restaurants, grocery, car shop, etc. I miss that.

    1. I lived somewhere like that too, when Emma was a newborn. It was nice! I do wish there were a good grocery store within easy biking distance here!

  6. Wow what a great idea. I’ve just started taking out toddler out for bike rides on a small seat behind the handlebars but this looks much safer!

  7. Elisa | blissfulE

    How fabulous!!! Both kids and parents look happy riding around. :) What a wonderful solution in a pedestrian/bike friendly area.

  8. This is awesome. I wish i had this when my son was younger and we were living by the lake. it would be such fun for my son and workout for me to go out everyday by the lake front with this. I used tandem trailer but you cannot see your child. It’s harder to make turns. This looks better

    1. One of the things I love about this design is that you can see your kids, and talk to them while you ride. So much nicer than a trailer – and I feel like it is safer, also.

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