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To Make You Smile


My dad’s dad was a corn farmer, and I lived on his corn farm until I was almost seven years old. I have so many wonderful memories of running up and down the corn stalks, and using ears of corn as improvised dolls – we would use pine cones to brush their silk tassel hair. In the summertime, my siblings and I would often pick an ear of corn and eat that raw for a snack. It tasted fantastic!

My kids never got to see my grandpa’s corn farm, but it has been fun to see them enjoy corn on the cob!



Nine-month-old Anna thinks corn on the cob tastes pretty amazing, and I really enjoy watching her eat it! My grandpa never got to meet her, but I know it would make him smile if he could see her.


I thought this video was too cute not to share. I hope it makes you smile, too!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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    1. It’s not a choking hazard – the cob is too large and the kernels are too small. But I was a little surprised that she could bit it with so few teeth!

  1. Jeff loves to tell the story of when his niece was almost 2 and still had no teeth, and she was trying to eat corn on the cob. They finally let her have some and she got the biggest grin on her face and then dug in.

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