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Three Baby Pumpkins and our Week :)


Halloween was definitely the focus of the week for the kids. Two events (one for Emma and one for Johnny and Lily) were cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, but one party and trick or treating was really enough for them anyhow. I am just grateful that we were on the fringe of that storm, instead of in the middle. Batman, Spiderman, and Little Red Riding Hood enjoyed taking our cute little pumpkin trick or treating, with a little help from Dad. :)

I couldn’t resist posting these photos of my three girls wearing the same Halloween outfit – with three years between each Halloween:

baby pumpkin

Halloween 2006
Emma, 8 months

baby pumpkin

Halloween 2009
Lily, 2 months


Halloween 2012
Anna, 2 months

Aren’t they adorable? Johnny was a super cute duck for his first Halloween, although (as you can tell) he wasn’t very keen on posing for pictures:


Don’t worry, I didn’t let my ten-month-old eat candy bars (much to his disappointment…)

With Halloween over, I’m looking forward to focusing on Gratitude with Thanksgiving coming up this month. I’m very grateful that my kids get up in the morning and create beautiful things like this for me to wake up to! Emma gets to have a special class in a teepee this week, and I’m excited to see what she learns. Johnny has a bad cold, so we’ll see if he makes it to school on Monday.

How was your week? Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving-themed craft or activity?

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

13 thoughts on “Three Baby Pumpkins and our Week :)”

  1. Elisa | blissfulE

    The photos of your pumpkin-girls are so adorable! Johnny was probably just upset he didn’t get to be a pumpkin, too. ;) The trick-or-treating family photo is terrific, too. :) Very very fun!

  2. Your kids look awesome!!!
    I love to see my younger kids in the older kids costumes…so precious!
    I have decided to make my blog private…if you are interested in following along, I would love it…just email me and let me know…and I will add you as a follower!

  3. So nice that you have those three photos of your girls all in the same first Halloween costume. So sweet! I’m glad your kids got to go trick-or-treating despite Sandy!

  4. What a sweet tradition. I love it. I never thought of saving a costume and having each kiddo wear it. Love it! We do family themed costumes each year usually. When the littles are older we’ll let everyone help decide the theme.

    1. I think family themed costumes are a lot of fun! We accidentally had a red theme (minus the baby’s costume) going this year!

  5. Love the pumpkins – so cute that all three girls had the same outfit! It looks like a good week overall.

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