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Three Little Pigs Activity for Kids

Build design skills with this fun Three Little Pigs STEM activity for kids!

This is a fun design challenge for kids: Build a house for the three little pigs! Kids think creatively as they hone their engineering skills!

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I created this “build a house for the three little pigs” design challenge for my kids after we read The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale. This very fun picture book features famous buildings from around the world! I told the kids they should try out building their own homes for the three little pigs. They agreed that this was a fun idea, and I loved watching them work on this creative engineering project!

Design Challenge for Kids: Build a House for the Three Little Pigs

Design challenge for kids: build a house for the three little pigs!

The kids could have used any of the building materials from around our house, but they all agreed that DUPLO bricks would be strongest. I have to agree. Eight-year-old Johnny built a very impressive fortress (see above). I think it is pretty impenetrable. Even the front entryway is imposing:

Fortified house designed for the Three Little Pigs :)

Johnny says that his house is a “monster house”, designed to scare the wolf away. That might explain why his little pig is not inside the house, but up on top (where it will see the wolf from a distance and still have time to get inside) It is still structurally very sound, just in case.

Six-year-old Lily’s house features the chimney that is so prominent in most versions of this story, including The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale, which we read before starting this activity. Her house does not have a roof – or maybe it is glass? We only had one baby DUPLO pig, and nobody wanted the grown-up pig. Maybe this is why the new DUPLO farm animal sets seem to most feature baby animals? I’m not sure if her cow and horse are supposed to be pigs, or if they are decoys set up to confuse the wolf.

Challenge your kids to build a house for the three little pigs! Great for getting them to think creatively about engineering.

Three-year-old Anna built a nice house for this horse, with nice open space so that it can go wherever it wants. She ignored both pigs and wolf and did her own thing.

Fun design challenge for kids

What sort of house would you build for the three little pigs?

Fun Play Ideas for The Three Little Pigs

Here are some fun ways to play with the three little pigs:

Here are some alternate tellings of this story that your kids may enjoy:

Do you have a favorite version of this classic tale that we should read? How about a fun Three Little Pigs story or activity for us to try? Drop a note on my  my Facebook post or tag me on Instagram!

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Do you have any favorite Three Little Pigs activities that we should try?

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  1. I read a blog post once where they made creations using tooth picks and marshmallows for this book, and then had a hair dryer simulate the wolf.

    I always love Lego building challenges.

    1. What fun! I contemplated pulling a hair dryer out, but given how strong the kids’ houses were the hair dryer didn’t stand a chance.

  2. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    Love the idea and diverse creativity of your kids! The wolf would not stand a chance!

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