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The Queen's Treasures Dollhouse Review

If you’re looking for a dollhouse for 18 inch dolls, you’ll love this fold up dollhouse option! Read our review of this gorgeous The Queen’s Treasures Dollhouse that we were sent to review. Scroll to the end of the post for a readers-exclusive discount code. This brand is particularly well known for their Laura Ingalls Wilder doll and accessories line. Read about how we use the Laura doll and accessories to bring pioneer history to life.

If you're looking for a dollhouse for 18 inch dolls, you'll love this fold up dollhouse option! Read our review of this gorgeous @TheQueensTreas Doll House that we were sent to review.  #dollhouse #thequeenstreasures #18inchdolls #pretendplay

Our Review of the Queen’s Treasures Doll House?

Review of the 18 inch dollhouse from The Queen's Treasures.

How Big Is The Queen’s Treasures Folding Doll House?

As you can see in the photo above, this dollhouse is HUGE! My 10-year-old and 7-year-old daughters were thrilled, as you can tell. They’ve each set up a floor for their dolls. 13-year-old Emma saw the house and said, “7-year-old me is very jealous right now!

We had to re-arrange the furniture in a room to make this 18″x56″x40″ dollhouse fit. Fortunately everyone agrees that the room is more welcoming with the switch. We even created a mini reading nook in the corner to the left of the doll house.

How Does This Doll House Fold Up?

The folding aspect of this dollhouse is actually what sold me on it! And it really is a clever design.

You fold the dollhouse by removing the roof and the floors (just lift them up and then pull them out). Then you fold the walls in. It’s pretty thin when folded – just two pieces of wood wide. Very clever!

The folding process is time consuming enough that you won’t want to do it on a daily basis, but easy enough that it’s not a big deal to fold it up to create extra space for a guest or special occasion.

The fact that the dollhouse folds up also makes it much, much easier to move from one room to another – or even one side of a room to another. It’s super stable once built, but it also comes with everything you need to anchor it to a wall.

Can you Fold This Up If it’s Anchored in Place?

You actually can fold this up while it is anchored in place! You might have a harder time doing it, but it will work. The back of the house and the side walls will remain attached to the wall; you’ll need to find somewhere to store the floors and the roof.

18 inch dollhouse review

How Hard Is It to Build?

I built this dollhouse in a couple of hours with help from my 10-year-old and 7-year-old daughters. It might have come together a little faster with an adult helper, but we got the job done! You definitely need at least one person helping.

The dollhouse does arrive partially assembled. You just need to screw in the second half of a bunch of hinges.

Sounds easy, right? Said hinge screws are TINY. The second person is important so that you have someone to offer resistance from the other side as you add each screw. It can also be helpful to have someone to hold the walls stable until they are completely attached.

The Queen’s Treasures is offering a discount just for my readers for purchases on their site. You can get 10% on top of the savings you already receive when you login to your account using the code SMILES (must be in caps). This is an especially great deal with the sales they are running over the holiday season. They have a great deal on this doll house!

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