From Funny to Sweet: 5 Adorable Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids of all ages, from toddlers to preschoolers through elementary school, ranging from funny to sweet.

Fun turkey crafts for kids

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From Funny to Sweet: 5 Adorable Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite crafts that my kids brought home from school last year. Then-three-year-old Anna created this adorable pinecone turkey using a little bit of felt, some googly eyes,  glue, and a feather.

5 fun Thanksgiving turkey crafts kids can make

My daughter Lily made this more elaborate Thanksgiving turkey in her classroom using construction paper, glitter gluescissors, and googly eyes. I tried to find the template her class used, without any success. This pinecone turkey printable is similar. If you happen to know where to find the version Lily used, let me know and I will update this post with the link.

From Sweet to Funny: 5 Adorable Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

My son Johnny made this poem in his first grade classroom. Again, I didn’t see this particular printable online, so do let me know if you see it somewhere. Here are several printable versions of this turkey handprint poem.

From Funny to Sweet: 5 Adorable Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

My fourth grader, Emma, made this cute turkey favor using fall m&ms, pipe cleaners, brown netting, and googley eyes. Glue dots are useful for keeping the googley eyes stuck to the pipe cleaner. Emma’s teacher had the kids use a brown pipe cleaner to close the netting, but most versions seem to use these tiny hair bands. I found great step-by-step instructions for this turkey favor craft at The Party Animal.

5 turkey crafts for kids of all ages

Four-year-old Anna made this simple handprint turkey in her Sunday school class (hence the scrapbook paper). That’s where she made the pinecone turkey, also. As you can see, these two crafts cleverly use the same materials: little bit of felt, some googly eyes,  glue, and craft feathers. Add some crayons to decorate the paper and make sure you have scissors to pre-cut the felt.

More Thanksgiving Fun

Here are some fun Thanksgiving activities my kids have enjoyed in other years:

As you can see, we have made turkey crafts before, but last year was a new record in terms of how many crafts were made! What are your favorite Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids?

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