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Thanksgiving Craft for Kids: Family Handprint Turkey

I’m always looking for cute Thanksgiving crafts for kids, so I was immensely pleased to think up this one. I’ve always loved handprint crafts, and my very favorite handprint crafts are those that I can make using all of my children’s handprints! This Handprint turkey craft works as a family craft, a class craft, or a solo craft with lots of copies of a single hand.

handprint turkey materials

Make Memories with a Family Handprint Turkey Thanksgiving Craft for Kids


For this Thanksgiving Turkey craft, I used two of Emma’s hand prints (six years old, red construction paper), two of Lily’s (three years old, yellow construction paper), two of Anna’s ( three months old, green construction paper), and two of Johnny’s (four years old, blue construction paper). The brown paper is three-month-old Anna’s foot. Add in a couple of googley eyes and orange paper for a beak and feet, and we were all set!

Tracing Tiny Hands

Here is one quick tip for tracing the hands and feet of children too small to hold them still. Instead of tracing around each finger, trace across the tops of all of their fingers. Then (if there’s time) mark with a dot where their fingers intersect with their hands. That’s all the information you need to cut – and if you miss out marking the dots, it’s pretty easy to guess where those go if you have the top of each finger marked.

handprint turkey thanksgiving craft

I layered the hands from oldest to youngest, stuck the baby’s foot on (upside down) for the turkey’s body, added googley eyes, beak, and feet, and we had a fun little Thanksgiving sign!

You can see more details of this craft, as well as other holiday crafts and activities for kids, in this live hangout I did for the Google+ Parenting Community’s week of all things Thanksgiving:

Do you

Do you want to make a more permanent version of this? Cut the pieces out of felt instead of paper!

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Elisa | blissfulE

    I just came back to this post to make the craft, which I was able to complete in 20 minutes with my four kids, including gathering the materials and hiding it before Grandma returned home! :) Enjoyed your video! You have a lovely presence and speaking voice.

  2. Great addition to the original turkey hand print. I love how it incorporates all of the kids’ prints into one “masterpiece.” Wish I’d seen this when my boys were little; this is so cute!!

  3. LOVE!!!!!! :) I don’t usually do crafts, but I think this one is a must. It will make a very special gift for Grandma this year.

  4. I always love handprint crafts, and my kids would probably like this one because they don’t have to put paint on their hands……

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