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Thanks to a Teacher: Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers change lives every single day. Have you thanked a teacher recently?

It’s teacher appreciation week! My childhood was influenced by many wonderful teachers, and I am forever indebted to wonderful teachers like the one above who have transformed my children’s lives. Johnny adores this kindergarten teacher – and she was so kind that my three other children (and I) love her as well. Little Anna picked the flower she is holding in this picture, and gave it to her as a gift!

Seeing the difference teachers can make has inspired Emma to want to go into curriculum design when she is older (she sees how much work classroom management is and isn’t so sure she wants to go there). She learns by watching her teachers teach, and she has already started making little worksheets:

child-designed math worksheet

I spent yesterday afternoon at a retirement party for one of the faculty members of the teacher education program I went through as a Masters student. Several of my classmates were there, and they are all still teaching in classrooms or training teachers. They inspire me!

Kronos put together this sweet #ThankaTeacher video of why teachers are important:

In honor of teachers everywhere, Kronos is also offering a giveaway to US resident readers of this blog! Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below to win a $50 Amex gift card for yourself and a $100 Staples gift card for your favorite teacher!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What teacher or teachers are you feeling grateful for this week? What are you doing to show teachers you love them this week? My kids spent some time today making cards for their teachers, and we have a few other things planned for this week. Do you have a fun teacher appreciation activity to share? Share links in the comments if you have them – I will pin them to my teacher gift ideas board on Pinterest!

afterschool linky

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How was your afterschooling week? Please share you elementary school aged activities in the linky below (by doing so you are giving the linky hosts permission to feature your post and to pin it to our After School Activities board on Pinterest). There were all sorts of fabulous posts linked up last week – here are a few of my favorites:

Kronos Incorporated sponsored this post. Teachers make the world go round, and I happy to work with this company to raise awareness of all of the wonderful things that teachers do.

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

91 thoughts on “Thanks to a Teacher: Teacher Appreciation Week”

  1. My favorite teacher was my 5th grade social studies teacher. She taught be the value of working up to my potential. I will forever be indebted to her.

  2. I loved My kindergarten teacher, she was a very special, loving and kind woman who taught me more than just school work

  3. Fave teacher was Rod Jackman – my health teacher. The class was at 7am, but he made it totally worth it. Great dude!

  4. My favorite teacher was my 2nd grade one. I transitioned from private school to public and she made it so much easier since I was put ahead a grade.

  5. Thank you for the opportunity!

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Gray, she instilled on her students a lifelong love for learning, and now, as a teacher, I do my best to pass on this special gift to my kindergarteners. <3

  6. I’d say it was my high school english teacher. She was tough as nails and let no one off easy. Some of her standards still stick with me today!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  7. shelly peterson

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Gould. she was so caring and kind. She made learning fun.

  8. My favorite teacher was Mr. C -fifth grade. He was inventive and funny-we wanted to learn!

  9. i loved my 5th grade teacher mrs. hurst. she was happy to teach every day and she was an excellent motivator.

  10. Heather Hayes Panjon

    My Favorite Teacher Is My 5th Grade Teacher Mrs, Lord, She Made Learning So Much Fun, Went Above And Beyond For All Her Students!

  11. Mrs. Edmister , my second teacher, was one of my favorite teachers. She was kind and just plain nice to us kids.You could tell she loved to teach

  12. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Threatt. She was always kind and we knew she really cared about us.

  13. My favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher.She taught me more than just a math lesson, she helped me overcome my insecurities and have more confidence in myself.

  14. My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Spurlock. She really helped me gain confidence in math.

  15. Virginia Hildreth (@Strawberryshrt)

    My favorite teacher was in high school and his name was Mr. Davis. He was my favorite because he took the time to teach me things that I didnt understand and he seemed to care about my schooling a lot more than others.

  16. My favorite teacher was my high school Biology teacher. She always took the time to get to know all of her students outside of the classroom. We could always go to her for advice.

  17. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Wheeler. I actually had her for both 3rd and 5th grade, which was great! She really made learning fun, and loved to bring history to life.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  18. This is an amazing giveaway! I would be so excited to both win for myself and share to a wonderful teacher!

  19. Kayla Dawn Stratton

    Defiantly Mr. Galbraith my English teacher in 8th grade. He was older but so down to earth and honest! He talked about how he thinks technology is very interesting and he would let us listen to music on our devices while we did our work sometimes. He did an impression of a bird flying and it was extremely inspiring for all of us as his class mates. He would talk to us about how his son made bad choices and was in jail and how he had high hopes for all of us. We took him seriously and respected him. I am pretty she most of his students passed his class!

  20. My mom. She homeschooled me and my four sisters, and continues to teach 5th grade now!

  21. I’ve always loved Teacher Appreciation week. We’ve been fortunate in that the kids have had some pretty amazing teachers. They need to be thanked!

  22. My fave teacher was my 4th grade teacher Ms. Janna Jones – she really cared about all the students and was very genuine. She loved her job and it reflected daily!

  23. My favorite teacher is my son’s 1st grade teacher because she’s an awesome teacher and an awesome person!

  24. My daughter had the same teacher for 3 years. She had her for Kindergarten twice and 2nd grade. She was amazing and patient.

  25. Danielle Porter

    My mom! She not only teaches special needs middle school math but she home schooled me and my brother growing up!

  26. My favorite teacher was my social studies teacher in 10th grade named Mrs. Hunt, she helped develop and encourage my love of history and english and gave me such a glowing reference even my very first job in high school.

  27. craftymomsshare

    My favorite teacher was my chemistry teacher in high school. He actually had his doctorate in law but taught because he loved it and it showed every day in the classroom.

  28. My favorite teacher was my high school calculus teacher who was so inspiring and really showed me the beauty of math. I went on to be a math major!

  29. jenn giannetto

    my sons kindergarten teacher because he is very patient and forgiving with my wild child

  30. Rachelle Anderson

    Mr. R was my favorite because he introduced me to great books–not just boring Shakespeare.

  31. Jennifer Marie

    My favorite was my 7th grade math teacher b/c she always tried to make learnng fun.

  32. My favorite teacher is my daughters current teacher/guidance teacher.. My daughter is special needs and she has been with her since kindergarten she is currently in 3rd grade. She is so amazing with her.

  33. My favorite teacher was Mr. Rutherford. He taught history. He had an awesome sense of humor.

  34. Mr Snyder inspired my love of math which has been very useful over the last 50 years.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  35. My favorite was my high school Family and Consumer Sciences teacher. I loved her classes so much that I went to college for a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education.

  36. Georgia Beckman

    Gosh, I always loved all of my teachers, but probably my very favorite was Mrs. Session in 4th grade. She was kind, but authoritative. She expected a lot but was eager to praise for a job well done & an effort made.

  37. Mr. Popeck was my favorite teacher. He taught Latin and was passionate about it.

  38. Mariah Beasley

    My 8th grade teacher Mr. Scheele. He was by far the best and very deserving of this prize.

  39. My favorite teacher was my college Marketing professor, because he inspired me to make that my career!

  40. My Kindergarten teacher was my favorite, she was fair, humorous and kind, and really went through each minute of the time making sure you learning something new. My second grade teacher was also a favorite, She was a tough grumpy looking lady, that most kids shied away from but she had a heart of gold and had a lot to share, she was firm and fair as well in her teachings.

  41. Mrs. Neal in fourth grade. She made learning fun and read out loud to us. I still remember those books (“Where the Red Fern Grows” in particular)!

  42. My 8th grade and 12th grade history teacher (same person). He taught me how to take notes, which was huge!

  43. My favorite teacher was my second grade teacher.
    I went back and job shadowed her when I was in high school and had a blast.

  44. My favorite teacher was my 2nd and 3rd grade teacher. I was in a special gifted and talented program so we had teachers for 2 grades instead of 1. She was so supportive and encouraging and I’m so thankful for her.

  45. My favorite teacher is my youngest granddaughter’s teacher who has welcomed her warmly into her classroom and has been there for her when family issues have arisen. She is one of the most caring teachers I have ever met.

  46. Mr. Dix because he is the only “nice” teacher in my 7th grader’s opinion. Its nice to have someone you can talk to/joke with when the other kids pick on you and he makes a point to cheer him up when some of the other teachers are ” too busy”.

  47. My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher, Mrs. Kennedy. She instilled in me a love for the written word.

  48. There are more teachers than I can list that I am thankful for.
    I think I will thank my kids’ teacher by taking a bubble bath this week, a nice long one with a large Dr Pepper and maybe some chocolate…..

  49. Ms. Sutton was my favorite teacher because she made learning fun and was so helpful to me and my classmates. She had a goofy, fun side to her, but she also had a serious side and was very well respected.

  50. My first grade teacher Mrs. Chrysler. She was so sweet and nice and made me excited to learn. She was also very helpful!

  51. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    Beautiful picture and a beautiful post! Your children are lucky to have wonderful teachers. We didn’t have as much luck this year, but perhaps it will change next year.

    1. Thank you! My children have been very fortunate with the teachers they have had. I hope you will have better luck next year!

  52. My 8th grade math teacher was my favorite because she really helped me get ready for high school.

  53. My favorite teacher is my daughter’s kindergarten teacher because she was always upbeat and positive.

  54. Theresa (Capri + 3)

    I had the same amazing teacher for 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade. She was so wonderful and attentive. I will never forget her!

  55. My favorite teacher was my Algebra teacher in high school because she was very patient.

  56. J loves his teachers (he even asked if he could invite them to his birthday party). I hope that love continues throughout his entire education.

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