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Thankful Thanksgiving Tree

Thankful Thanksgiving Tree

I’ve wanted to make this tree ever since I saw the giant Thankful Tree Sherri made with her kids at Families are Fun! Emma saw their tree, and kept on asking until we got it done!

Our Thankful Thanksgiving tree isn’t nearly as elegant, but the kids really enjoyed putting it together and decorating the leaves! Since our kids are so young, I had them draw what they were thankful for. Emma drew the sorts of things you might expect: our family, our cars, our house, friends, animals… Johnny drew our family and a few other logical pictures, but then moved into more interesting territory. I was slightly surprised to see a monster, but the thing that left me the most perplexed was his “shoe with a head”. Lily drew all sorts of tiny squiggles and circles that I cannot discern. At one point they had leaves all up and down the trunk of the tree, but I didn’t take a picture soon enough, and they started pulling them down. We now have thankful leaves on the tree AND scattered throughout the house! I get in trouble every time they catch me tossing one, though.

We’ll see how they react to my decision in the somewhat-near future to take down this tree. The only way I convinced them to remove our wall of pumpkins was by letting them move them to their bedroom walls, but there is no room in there now for a tree! And Emma sobbed and sobbed when we put her rotting sharpie pumpkin in the compost bin… I have three intense little artists who are passionate about their creations!

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14 thoughts on “Thankful Thanksgiving Tree”

  1. So sweet! Maybe it would be beneficial to print out a photo of their work; so they can still see how beautiful their art was, without taking up the entire wall. They could even start a portfolio of pictures :) Good luck!

  2. “Shoe with a head” Perplexing indeed. LOL!!

    I heard Michael telling a grandmother this morning that he was thankful for his train set, but that we “could probably get rid of the fireplace.” :)

  3. Sweet tree! We did one too (a smaller one), and this year Anna kept writing and writing on the leaves. I usually dispose of her art when she is not around and then demonstrate to her that I photographed it first in case she asks.

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