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Teaching Kids Vocabulary: Mrs Wordsmith Review

This new way of teaching kids vocabulary combines the machine learning of Cambridge University with the creativity of Hollywood to make learning the words that kids need to boost their reading and writing fun and engaging. Sponsored post.

Mrs. Wordsmith review. We love this vibrant new way of teaching kids vocabulary!

Mrs Wordsmith: The Vibrant New Way of Teaching Kids Vocabulary

Words are powerful! Larger vocabularies teach children the nuances of language, while allowing for greater self-expression.

But how do you acquire a large vocabulary? Reading is key, but sometimes even voracious readers like my eleven-year-old daughter find themselves looking for a word but not quite finding it.

And that’s where Mrs Wordsmith comes into play.

What Is Mrs Wordsmith?

The fastest growing educational startup in the UK, Mrs Wordsmith is a vocabulary program that combines the machine learning of Cambridge University and the creativity of Hollywood to make learning the words kids need to boost reading and writing fun and engaging.

How is Hollywood Involved?

Cartoon characters are about as expressive as you can get without words! Mrs Wordsmith brings your children 10,000 words they will love learning thanks to the Hollywood artists behind Madagascar.

Why Machine Learning?

Those 10,000 words aren’t random! Cambridge University researchers mined books, magazines, and exam papers to identify the most relevant words for academic success. The top 10,000 were illustrated to create this curriculum. Machine learning was also used to pair these words with those they commonly appear alongside. Research shows that studying words in pairs increases the speed and efficiency of learning.

Mrs. Wordsmith combines Hollywood creativity with Cambridge University machine learning to provide an amazing vocabulary learning experience for children.
How Does My Child Learn with Mrs Wordsmith?

The Mrs Wordsmith curriculum is divided into four journey types:

  • Narrative: Building blocks of storytelling for ages 7-10.
  • Early years: Self-expression and exploration for ages 3-7.
  • Persuasion: State a case, make a point; for ages 10-17.
  • Growth Mindset: Expand your mind every day; for all ages.

This is a start-up, and Narrative is the only curriculum that is complete currently, although the others are coming soon. We received the six-month Narrative program to review for this post.

Mrs Wordsmith Narrative Curriculum

The Narrative six-month program is divided into six themes:

  • character
  • weather
  • taste and smell
  • action
  • emotions
  • setting

These themes are explored through six decks of practice cards, six daily challenge workbooks (one for each theme), 1 binder, and durable word page inserts that allow you to refer to the words and their illustrations over and over again.

Finally! A way to make vocabulary fun for kids.

My eleven-year-old daughter loves to write. She also wants to be a teacher, and she LOVES helping her younger siblings with this program. I know she will love the Persuasion journey when it becomes available. I’m seeing a big jump in my eight-year-old’s vocabulary already, and my art-loving five-year-old finds the illustrations enthralling.

I appreciate that the Mrs Wordsmith program is playful and can be done in a few moments each day. This is a program that will teach children the joy of words! It’s a very flexible program that you can complete in the prescribed manner or switch up to accommodate individual schedules, talents, and interests.

This new way of teaching kids vocabulary combines the machine learning of Cambridge University with the creativity of Hollywood to make learning the words that kids need to boost their reading and writing fun and engaging. Sponsored post. #edchat #homeschool #English #vocabulary #education

Have you tried out the Mrs Wordsmith vocabulary learning experience? What did you think? Share your experience in the comments below, on my Facebook page or by tagging me on Twitter or Instagram

Mrs Wordsmith sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

20 thoughts on “Teaching Kids Vocabulary: Mrs Wordsmith Review”

  1. I received this vocabulary tool for my children. I purchased their full narrative kit that advertised 1500 words as part of their 10,000 word goal. Unfortunately, the advertising is misleading. They clearly state on their website that “10,000 words matter for academic success. We are illustrating all of them.” However, in the first set of “1500” words, only 300 are actually illustrated with worksheets and practice cards. The other 1200 are simply listed in the binder without illustrations, worksheets, cards, or even definitions.

    For $165, I expected to receive all 1500 words to teach my children as advertised. Instead, we have 300. If I want to teach the other 1200, I am on my own.

    More honesty in advertising of an otherwise high quality product would be welcomed.

  2. Those look good. I’m always a fan of finding good materials for increasing vocabulary. Though reading a lot is one of the best methods…

    1. I agree that you can’t beat reading! I think kids who love to read will love this playful approach. I think it also appeals to struggling readers, because of the fun illustrations and humor that’s built in.

  3. I’m intrigued by this approach. I teach second graders at a small private school. I’m always open to any new strategies for reading success so Mrs. Wordsmith may be a new adventure for me!

  4. I like that it is a unique approach to vocabulary. My three children love learning new word choices so this would be a perfect resource for our homeschool.

  5. I’m intrigued by the illustrations and the fact they say it only takes a few minutes each day to improve a child’s vocabulary with this program. I think this would be a wonderful program to use with my 3 kids.

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