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Teacher Thank You Cards for Kids to Make

third grader teacher thank you card

My kids have been very lucky to have teachers at school who enjoy teaching and do their best to reach every student. I always want my children to see the work that their teachers go to, and every year we sit down to make thank you cards. This year I found a card making solution that worked really well for us!

Teacher Thank You Cards for Kids to Make

set up a thank you card making station for your kids

Because we make a lot of cards for teachers as well as family, this year I invested in a few materials. Here they are – with affiliate links (I purchased all of them from Amazon myself):

  • Crayola Ultimate Crayon Case: This solved our problem of crayons not getting put away. It is much easier for the kids to see the crayon colors than with the traditional boxes, and this case comes with a crayon sharpener. As crayons run out, you can replace them with the cardboard sleeves that come with the regular Crayola crayon boxes.
  • Crayola Pip-Squeaks Marker Tower: This solves the same problem, only with markers. Our tower is really old and the lid doesn’t come off; it looks like maybe the newer version the lid does come off, but either way this is a great way to store markers neatly in a way that allows kids to see all the colors. We store our markers upside down once the ink runs low to extend their life, and I have bought a couple replacement packages of Pip-Squeak markers over the years. These markers are my favorite – they have nice bright colors but wash out of clothes.
  • These pre-scored greeting card papers are perfect for handmade cards! The 80lb paper is really high quality, and they make for beautiful cards.
  • I used this butterfly punch to pre-punch butterflies for the kids to use to decorate their cards. The paper punch is too hard for any of my kids to use, but it cuts out beautiful butterflies, especially when you use high quality colored paper.

Kids enjoy making cards, and it is a wonderful way for them to connect with people they card about.

Everything was set out when the kids got home from school, and they were able to spend the afternoon putting together beautiful cards!

handmade cards allow children's personalities to shine through

Seven-year-old Johnny emphasized math – his favorite part of the year. He didn’t use the butterflies, opting for adorable number characters instead.

kindergarten thank you card

Five-year-old Lily was able to incorporate her lifelong love of rainbows by using rainbow-colored words. I loved the way she made her little butterfly cut-out three dimensional. Nine-year-old Emma made beautiful flowers for her butterflies – shown at the top of this post as well as at the bottom of the image below. Even two-year-old Anna got into the card-making spirit!

Teacher thank you cards for kids to make

What kinds of card-making do your kids enjoy?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

9 thoughts on “Teacher Thank You Cards for Kids to Make”

  1. These are so cute! I agree, pre-sorted cards would definitely make things a lot easier. No need to make your own or have to bring out the ruler, the cutting mat or the exacto blade!

  2. I forgot to have my kids make thank you cards this year, it was the first year they really had other teachers aside from Sunday School (and I always forget to do that for Sunday School as well).

    FYI your marker tower link goes to a generic crayola crayon link. And I agree that marker tower is the best thing ever, and that crayon one is certainly better than what we have now which I don’t like.

    1. The crayon storage bin is the best solution I’ve seen, after looking for something for years. Thanks for telling me about the marker link! It should be fixed now.

  3. Elisa | blissful E

    Wonderful! I love how you had things set up so you could all use the card-making time efficiently… and beautifully!

    1. Thanks, Elisa! That is something I have been working on – getting activities set out in advance so that they go smoothly and I have more downtime during the actual crafting.

  4. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    Those are really beautiful cards! My 8 year old wrote her teachers haiku poems :)

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