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How to Teach Writing and Storytelling

How to Teach Writing and Storytelling. Tips and activities for teaching writing and storytelling to young children. Kids love these hands-on activities, thriving as they learn self-expression.

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Teach writing and self-expression through play with the Make your Mark ebook!

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I am quite certain that storytelling – via a personal essay and teacher recommendation letters – got me into Stanford University as a 17-year-old girl. Today, my Stanford professor husband writes hundreds of recommendation letters every year to open doors for his students.

In our home, I work to give my children the tools they need to write their stories. I want them to be able to present their own life story to friends, mentors, and future employers. Hopefully they will have others giving them positive introductions, along the way. Hopefully they will, eventually, tell the stories that open doors for others.

There are a lot of things I already do to teach my kids storytelling. Now there is a new ebook full of activities that are easy to do at home – and I am one of the authors! Check out the details:

Teach Kids Writing and Storytelling

Make Your Mark: The ultimate early learning literacy resource!

For this ebook, education bloggers collaborated to create 30 projects, just for this book. These activities and printables are not on our blogs.

Make Your Mark is an ebook full of the resources your child needs to excel in literacy

The book uses play to help children develop fine motor skills and storytelling. Some activities, like the one above, develop writing skills with no actual writing.


For other activities, like these word birds, the language link is obvious.

some of our favorite resources from Make Your Mark

The ebook also has custom printables that encourage your children to write.

We love the resources in Make Your Mark - a new ebook that has everything you need to teach literacy to young children at home.

I have looked through the entire book, and my four-year-old daughter Anna is going to love every single activity. Actually, she has already requested several (thanks to looking through the book with me).

How to get your copy of Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark ebook sale

The Make Your Mark ebook, including six sets of printables, costs just $11.25 during its December launch month (regular price $14.99) and you can get your copy here. Just click on the image above, or the button below. This is an ebook, so you can buy it from anywhere in the world and download instantly.

Buy the Make Your Mark ebook.

What you’ll get in this book

  • Activities to develop the basics: help children learn to write first with fingers, and later with pens, pencils and paint brushes.
  • Fun ways to develop fine motor strength and dexterity. This book includes finger gyms, easel activities, and first mark making activities with sticks, play dough and shaving foam.
  • Inspiration for writing trays that encourage children to use all their senses to build skills.
  • Great ideas to inspire imagination and storytelling through play. Develop language, vocabulary, and fluency through story mats, small worlds, comics, journals, role play, outdoor adventures, and art.
  • Activities to help understand themselves and others through interviews, self-portraits, collaborative art, and collaborative projects.
  • Help children see that anyone can make their mark on their community and the environment. Accessible and achievable projects inspire children to make their mark through environmental citizenship and acts of kindness.
  • Six sets of printables for you to download, including pattern writing cards, a ‘my favorite things’ photo book, ‘all about me’ interview sheets, pretend play post office accessories, and comic book and gracious giving printables.

How to Buy This Book

Buy the Make Your Mark ebook.

This is an ebook, which means you will be sent a link that allows you to download a PDF containing the ebook and all the resources. You can save it to your computer or iPad* and then either read it on screen or print some or all of the pages, as you prefer.

You can buy the ebook from anywhere in the world. You pay via PayPal, which will take care of any currency conversion for you. The ebook costs US$ 14.99.

*You can buy the ebook now, on any device, and then download it when you are ready. Depending on the apps you have installed and your operating system, you might be able to download the ebook on your mobile device. However, if you have any doubts or problems, I recommend you use a computer to download the book and then share it to your mobile devices. You will be sent download instructions when your purchase the ebook.

The Make Your Mark ebook is published and sold by Cathy James at NurtureStore.co.uk. Please direct any customer service queries regarding purchases of the ebook to support@nurturestore.co.uk or refer to the NurtureStore FAQ.

The Make Your Mark ebook is protected under copyright © 2016. All rights reserved.

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