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Taking Family Photos

Family photos

In previous years, we’ve gotten a family photo that worked relatively easily – like this one from my very first year of blogging (can you believe it will be four years at the end of this month?!) This year, we’re struggling. We have the above picture where hugely interesting things were apparently happening just as the shutter clicked, and moments like this:

Taking Family Photos

I’m actually quite fond of the above photo, from a capturing personalities point of view. But it wasn’t what we had in mind – especially since Mike isn’t even in it (I think he was fixing the camera). I find candid photography so much easier:


I actually do have some tips for getting a good family photo – but I’ll save them for when we get a picture that actually works! Tip #1: Keep photo sessions short! Because otherwise you end up with pictures like this:


MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

18 thoughts on “Taking Family Photos”

  1. ROFL! I can totally relate. At least your hubby follows directions. Mine struggles with the annual family photo and I have to remind him just to keep smiling and looking at the camera no matter what else is going on. ;)

  2. That last photo is cracking me up; I love all of them! I haven’t started thinking about our annual family photo yet…

  3. Love it! I have a terrible time trying to get a decent family photo and you have two more kids to coordinate! I do love the one with Johnny jumping though and that candid shot is stunning!

  4. Oh, yes family photos. I always thought it would get easier as my kids got older. Maybe if they loved it but it’s still hit or miss, depending on moods and attitudes. We’re going to attempt one this weekend for our Christmas card. We’ll see how it goes! Oh, and I love the first photo. Everyone might not be looking but you all look so happy!

  5. I love Anna’s and Johnny’s matching face in the last picture. Hope you got one you could use! J’s school picture day is next week, and I’m so nervous. This will be the first year that I won’t be around coaching. I hope he smiles.

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