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Taga: The Bike That’s a Stroller!


When we moved to California, we decided to become a one-car family. The area where we live is actually more bike-friendly than car-friendly! Mike bikes to work, and we are working on teaching our kids how to ride bikes, but one-year-old Anna is a long ways from learning how to ride a bike – she can’t even walk yet!

I don’t write about it often on this blog, but my real-life family and friends will tell you that I adore anything that makes it easier to get out and about with babies and small children. The bike-to-stroller convertible wonder Taga is a piece of engineering brilliance that does exactly that! You see, this lovely three-wheeled bike allows to you ride around with your child in comfort – and close enough to talk to while biking – and then, when you arrive, you quickly switch it into a stroller! You can also add a second sit, swap the seat out for a car seat adaptor (Maxi Cosi or Graco), a double woden seat that fits two kids, or a shopping basket. Family members will tell you that I’ve been drooling over this bike for years. Now I finally had a way to justify buying it – and, after selling Mike’s commuter car, some funds. Taga was generous enough to offer a discount in exchange for this review, and that sealed the deal!

taga - the bike stroller - review

The switch from bike to stroller is incredibly elegant – check out this video! I’m not quite this quick, but it is FAST, and easy!



Children are secured in the seat with a five-point harness. You have to overlap the two pieces to click them in place. This is an extra step, but it’s also a great way to guarantee that you get both sides in place securely. The shoulder straps are not height adjustable, but they fit 15-month-old Anna and four-year-old Lily securely.

buckling in with the taga bike

The seat has two recline positions, both in bike and stroller mode. It’s a pretty subtle recline, but enough to make a difference if you have a sleepy passenger.

taga bike review - two recline positions in bike and stroller mode

The seat height adjusts easily and quickly – and I find the seat pretty comfortable.


There’s a nice little peek-a-boo window that zips open and shut. When I take four-year-old Lily out, she talks to me non-stop, and having this window open makes it easier to hear her.


Taga sent us the rain cover, which is sold separately. I highly recommend it if your child is small enough to fit comfortably underneath the canopy – a zipper opening makes it easy to get your child in and out with it on, and they will stay completely dry! My tall four-year-old Lily is too tall for the canopy with a helmet on, so the rain cover is not much help for her. You can also see in this photo that the basket underneath is large enough to hold quite a bit!


The disc brakes on this bike are solid – and easy to lock in place for parking! Just press in the brake handle, then push in the little circle that the red arrow is pointing to. Press in the brake handle again to release.


Both Anna and Lily ADORE this bike – they have a very hard time sharing it, in fact. Lily is a little tall for the canopy, but she fits the seat beautifully! *Note – I’m not sure what the story was with her helmet in this picture, but we have since adjusted it for a consistently correct fit.

I took our Taga out yesterday while the older kids rode scooters alongside, and I loved that the three wheeled design made it super easy to go at a very leisurely scooter pace without having to deal with balance. The three wheeled design also means that the bike doesn’t get thrown off-balance if a child suddenly leans to point at or grab something.


This isn’t a speedy bike – the wheels are only 16 inches in diameter. But you don’t really want to go speeding around with your child on board. It’s perfect for biking alongside siblings (with equally small-wheeled bikes) and for enjoying getting places with your kids! My little girls love going for rides on this bike, and I love being able to chat with them as they ride. I also love being able to bike somewhere and then stroll inside – no sitting in traffic, and no searching for parking!

Thank you, Taga, for creating such a fun way for our family to get around! Are you looking to buy a Taga bike for your family? Use code MARYANNE100 for a free rain cover!

Taga offered our family a discount in exchange for this review. All opinions are, as always, my own.

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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    1. I actually looked at those, too! Wasn’t sure I was up to balancing something that big, and they didn’t have the rain cover option when I was looking – nice addition!

  1. hola soy de argentina y tengo una niña de 8 años que no camina por un sindrome que se llama sindrome de rett.yo quisiera tener una taga bikes pero no se como podria hacer para obtenerla desde argentina

  2. I think you just need that music playing when you convert between bike and stroller, and you’d be done in 20sec, too!

    This is a genius idea. Scared to look at the prices, though!!

  3. Is it a bike and a stroller, or a bike or a stroller, or both? Looks like both. Certainly innovative. I’d love to see it in action with rider and child.

  4. Wow, what a cool idea! Seems a lot safer than a baby seat on a bike and then you have the stroller at your destination. Have fun exploring!

  5. Wow! I want to see that in action! B & M told me about it over the weekend!

    I’m trying to figure out how drop-off and pick-up will work next year. I assume like the bike trailer, the bike portion is not recommended for < 1 yr olds? Their website says 6 months and it does look slower than a standard bike+trailer.

    1. Does J ride a bike yet? If so, he could ride his bike and you could get the car seat attachment for this bike and bike with a baby. The car seat faces you as you bike, so you can keep a close eye on them, and the bike definitely goes slower than a standard bike and so is a gentler ride.

  6. How fascinating – I’ve never heard of Taga before, but I agree with you on brilliant engineering. Good luck on biking more, this is a great resolution for this New Year!

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