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Symmetry Art for Kids


All credit for this simple symmetry art project for kids goes to six-year-old Emma! She came up with it while playing with glitter glue and napkins left over from her birthday party. She would spread the glue on one half of the napkin, fold it in half (see below), and open it up for a beautiful, mess-free symmetrical image. It’s like a simpler version of our yarn prints! The napkins absorb the glue so that the print dries nearly instantly, and the images created are beautiful! I think the one above looks like a butterfly.


I wish I’d let her play with the paints and napkins a little earlier, so that we could have used this as a craft at her birthday party! We let the kids decorate their goody bags with glitter glue instead, but of course the glue wasn’t dry when it was time to go home, even though we did the craft at the very beginning of the party. This project would have been ready to bring home, and I think the kids would have enjoyed the “magic” of the symmetry.


I think this print looks like two kids sitting on chairs chatting. It’s a bit like finding pictures in the sky, with a symmetry lesson thrown in! And glitter, which makes everything more exciting!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

22 thoughts on “Symmetry Art for Kids”

  1. I love when my kids come up with their own ideas. I did a lot of symmetry teachin’ with the little ones when I taught art! Great project ;-)

  2. I love the idea of doing this on napkins so it dries more quickly than on paper. The first one definitely looks like a butterfly. I just love your Emma and her ideas. :) When I read these posts I always think that if this baby is a girl, I hope she is a girl like Emma… so funny how you feel you get to know these children through the blogs of their mamas!

    1. Thank you for such a kind comment!!! Emma is truly a wonderful little girl – as is your son and, I am certain, your new baby will be =)

  3. Fun! Emma is so creative. Abby and I were playing the other day with the white board. I would make 1/2 a picture and then she would draw the mirror image to see what it was. She thought this was cool.

  4. Didi {Duck Duck Octopus}

    I love quick and easy crafts like this. Simple and beautiful. I think trying to find hidden shapes in the final product is the best part of all. At first glance I thought the second napkin looked like giant monster feet, and then I read your interpretation. I totally see the two kids chatting. :-)

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