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Gluten Free Swedish Pancakes Recipe

Swedish pancakes are our favorite pancakes! This gluten free Swedish pancake recipe is our absolute favorite. You can use regular flour in it, too, if you prefer.

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This week’s picture book pick for the Virtual Book Club for Kids is Laura Numeroff’s If You Give a Pig a Pancake. We love the entire picture book series, and this week we made pancakes. I thought I would share our Swedish pancake recipe so you can enjoy them as well!

How to Make Gluten Free Swedish Pancakes

My family learned how to make Swedish pancakes during the years they spent living in Sweden. My mom taught Mike how to make Swedish pancakes while visiting us once, and now he is passing that knowledge on to our oldest daughter, Emma, as part of a delicious family tradition.

Swedish pancake recipe

Some Swedish Pancake recipes call for butter. We just put butter on the pan every other pancake. A spoonful of batter in the pan, thinly spread, makes about an eight-inch-diameter pancake that looks a lot like a French crepe, but tastes a bit different (the main difference for me is that most sweet crepe recipes call for sugar; this doesn’t). We cook ours in a cast-iron pan that looks a lot like this, only a little smaller (purchased in Sweden by my mom, while they were living there). But a regular pan works, and you can even do it on a grill, with a little practice spreading out the (thin) batter – the pancakes may be slightly less circular, but they will taste just as good!

Fill with jam, sugar, cream, ice cream – whatever you would like! You can roll them, but for kids we find it to easier to fold it in fourths. You can also fill these with dinner ingredients (I like ham and cheese), but I have heard that some people then consider this a crepe. Personally, I love mine with melted Swiss cheese!

More Pancake Themed Learning Fun for Kids

I hope you’ll enjoy these great pancake themed learning activities to go along with this book!

Do you like Swedish pancakes? Do you have a great pancake recipe or pancake themed activity for us to try? Let me know, and I’ll get it added in! Share links in the comments below, or share a post link on my Facebook page! You can also tag me on instagram

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