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Who Sleeps the Most? Surprising Animal Sleep Facts

We had a wonderful time researching surprising animal sleep facts this week! I’ve even put together a fun printable to share with the kids.

Surprising animal sleep facts for kids, and more night and sleep themed learning activities for children.

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Surprising Animal Sleep Facts

This week’s Virtual Book Club for Kids pick is the adorable picture book, Time for Bed, written by Mem Fox. Looking through the beautiful pictures in this book got my four-year-old daughter curious about where, when and how animals sleep. We talked about how some animals sleep in trees, while others dig holes in the ground. Some animals hide in bushes to sleep, and others huddle together in groups. My daughter had a lot of questions, so we did some research on animals and sleep. We discovered several surprising sleep facts! I put our top five picks together into a printable for your family to enjoy, and I’m linking the sources we used for our research below.

If you can’t find a copy of Time for BedKitten’s First Full Moon is another adorable night-and-animals-themed picture book for kids. It opens the door for discussions about nocturnal and diurnal animals! Owl Babies is another family favorite, featuring three baby owls who wait for their mother to come home. Do you have another favorite book about animals at night or simply nighttime that we should add to this book list?

Learn More Surprising Animal Sleep Facts:

We had a lot of fun choosing our favorite surprising animal sleep facts for this post! Keep learning with these fun animal sleep resources:

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Which of the surprising animal sleep facts that we shared today did you find most surprising? Do you have another animals at night or simply night or sleep themed activity we should try? Come share an image on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram

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    How fascinating. I have to surprise my daughter with some of these facts today. Aren’t you glad that you are not mothering a baby dolphin?

  2. Elisa | blissful E

    Love the half-brain one! I feel like I’m doing that when I nurse at night sometimes. :)

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