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Super Simple Easter Eggs

We love this super simple way of decorating Easter eggs. Zero mess and fun for babies through adults.

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I had planned to decorate Easter eggs with crayon shavings again this year, but when Saturday dawned beautiful and not-freezing we decided to spend the day at Old Sturbridge Village instead. We had a wonderful time there, seeing newborn lambs and learning about maple syrup.

We didn’t get around to boiling eggs until Sunday evening, and we forgot to pull some out while they were hot. So, in keeping with my quest for simplicity theme the kids enjoyed scribbling on cold eggs.

Mike drew the Angry Bird faces, and Emma made one, too – but, sadly, her egg is the upside-down one, and all the eggs were gone by the time I realized my mistake. It was a cute little Angry Bird!

Johnny decorated the black and red eggs on the left, and if you look closely you can see that the blue egg on the right is actually an angry bird – decorated by five-year-old Johnny! The three minimalist eggs were decorated by Lily. Emma had already eaten two of her three eggs by the time I took the picture.

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19 thoughts on “Super Simple Easter Eggs”

  1. We had so much fun making your crayon shaving eggs and I had to smile when I read this post because last year I planned to decorate our eggs with markers until I came across your post. Your eggs turned out really cute and I’m so glad you were able to have a nice (not freezing) day out with your family.

  2. Elisa | blissfulE

    Lovely!! You constantly inspire me with simple projects and wonderful results. :)

    (We didn’t do eggs this year. We toilet trained 21-month-old David. Maybe next year…)

  3. jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa

    We also used brown eggs this year. They have a richness to them and I love the added little spots. We keep things simple around my house.

  4. Simple is good! We blow our eggs and then decorate them with watercolors, glitter glue and markers… They last between years, so now we have quite a collection :)

    1. Johnny was quite sad to eat his eggs this year. I was thinking that we should try some blown out eggs for him next year, so he can keep them!

  5. I love this. We went to Big Bear Lake for the weekend and thus did not do any Easter egg decorations or anything like that. However, I am going to be boiling some beets to make beet brownies and am thinking it might be fun to die eggs in the beet juice, if that will work.

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