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Summer Reading With MeMeTales!

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My kids (and I!) adore reading programs, so we are all thrilled to be participating in the Readathon for children’s books at MeMeTales in partnership with PBSKids this summer. And you can participate with us! Here are a few basics:

  • Every week, there will be new ebooks that your child can “borrow” for the week and read through MeMeTales online, or through your iphone, ipad, Android phone or tablet, or Kindle Fire (Nook app is coming soon). If you download the app, you will also get 20 books for free!
  • The Readathon lasts six weeks, and each week has a theme:
      • Week 1 – Animal Fun
      • Week 2 – Friendship
      • Week 3 – Character Development
      • Week 4 – Imagination
      • Week 5 – The Green earth
      • Week 6 – Global Cultures
  • Several bloggers – myself included – are working with MeMeTales to create crafts and activities that your child(ren) can complete to go along with the books for each week (disclosure:MeMeTales is providing us with copies of the books that I cover for the Readathon on this blog).
  • For every child who joins the Readathon, MeMeTales will donate a meal to send a hungry child to school through FoodForEducation.org.

I hope you’ll participate alongside us! You can also use the hashtag #ReadForGood to connect with other participants!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

15 thoughts on “Summer Reading With MeMeTales!”

  1. Wow! I definitely want to join up and check out some new books and looking forward to your companion activities – so exciting!!!

    1. I love old-fashioned books, but ebooks can be fun. I like that these have the option of being narrated, but are not turned into games.

  2. Yeah, I love it. Although I am completely inept at the computer so I’ll probably stick to good old fashioned books from the library.

    1. Thank you! Emma had taken over bedtime story reading one night when Mike was out of town :)

  3. Love reading programs! My MIL has created a summer reading program for the kids. She’s a teacher. So far they’ve been excited to read every day!

    1. Do you like the Nook? The Kindle Fire app JUST got approved – yesterday, I think – so hopefully the Nook will follow soon!

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