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Stuffed Animal Superhero Capes: Crafts Kids Can Make

easy no-sew superhero capes kids can make

We finally got around to watching Big Hero 6* this past weekend, and we all loved it. I highly recommend seeing it! I take forever to watch movies, because we usually wait until it comes out on DVD and we make it off the library wait list. Big Hero 6 got the kids thinking about superheroes, which got them thinking about the Super Buddies movie* that I was sent as part of a blog post a couple of years ago. They remembered that we had made no-sew superhero capes for their stuffed animals as part of that post, and they decided to recreate the experience.

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No-Sew Superhero Capes for Stuffed Animals

Superhero capes for stuffed animals

My only involvement with this project was okaying the use of fabric from my stash. They followed the same design I used for my stuffed animal superhero capes, but used fleece and a pillowcase (for the giant dog) in addition to felt.

Pretend play with superhero stuffed animals

The big dog (inherited from my youngest sister, along with the brown and white puppy) is wearing a cape made out of an old pillow case decorated with Sharpie pens* (if you let your kids do this, be aware the Sharpie bleeds through fabric easily). My kids are really into Sharpie pens at the moment, which I use as a great motivator to get them to write more cards to people.

They also decided that the superhero dogs needed a nest, which is why there are pieces of fabric circling all the dogs.

creative crafts kids can make: no-sew superhero capes for stuffed animals

Emma’s big dog is the mom of all of the smaller dogs, which is why her superhero cape is covered in special messages from her loving puppies. Pretend play can be pretty adorable!

What are your kids playing lately?

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  1. Elisa | blissfulE

    This is so cute!!! I love how they added messages to the mama dog’s cape.

  2. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    These capes are lovely. We are yet to watch Big Hero 6 and that just includes adults. Daughter steadfastly refuses to watch any full length movie.

  3. We’re the same about movies from the library! I don’t remember the last movie I watched in the theatres. Probably Harry Potter only because we’re such big fans! I have to put this movie on my wait list now :)

    1. I think you will like Big Hero 6. I think our last movie was one when Johnny was a newborn – my dad was in town so he watched Emma and we took Johnny along with us on a date. I can’t remember the movie, though!

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