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Stress-free Nail Polish for Kids

Have you tried Piggy Paint? This stress-free nail polish is safe for kids to use. Perfect for sister bonding sessions!


My girls love painting their nails, so I was thrilled to give Piggy Paint a try as part of a Mom Central campaign! We were sent the Color Me Happy set, which has a fantastic range of colors!

sister bonding painting nails


My girls worked hard to earn their nail polish (we use a reward chart system in our house instead of allowance), and as soon as they earned it they set up their mini salon. Seven-year-old Emma did all the painting, and she got super creative with it! This was wonderful bonding time for my girls, and I was happy to have a nail polish for them to use that was low odor, water-based, and non-toxic.

painting nails with piggy paint


Above you see three-year-old Lily’s fingers – all red on one hand, an orange thumb on her left hand, and then swirled colors for all of her left hand fingers! Below you see Emma’s toes – I especially love the tricolor big toe on her right foot, and I think the big toe on her left foot looks a little bit like the world!

toes painted with piggy paint

This was Emma’s first time putting on nail polish, and you can tell that she did Lily’s hands first and her toes last. Practice makes perfect – and this is a great fine motor challenge for a seven-year-old!

Piggy Paint recommends blow drying nails with a hair dryer set on warm heat/low blower. We just air dried ours, and the colors have stayed on as well as more traditional nail polishes we have tried. I’m so happy to see water-based and harsh chemical free nail polish!


What are your favorite sibling bonding activities? Besides this activity (which Johnny found slightly girly for his tastes as a big grown-up five-year-old), my kids enjoy drawing together, playing with construction toys together, and going on family outings!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Piggy Paint. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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