Storytelling with Felt Boards: Felt Board Hoop

Felt boards are a wonderful way to get kids telling stories. This embroidery hoop felt board is easy to make and use!

storytelling fun with a felt board hoop

I love felt boards! Storytelling with felt boards helps kids develop their imagination and encourages them to think outside of the box. My first ever blog post was a felt board tutorial. We enjoyed that board until we left Massachusetts, when I decided to leave it behind. In between, I wrote about two travel felt boards – one file folder felt board and one that was more durable. I also made a geometric shapes series for the felt boards, a felt map of the world, and felt dress up bears and dolls.

How to Make This Felt Board

Our new storytelling felt board hoop was really easy to make! I stretched some fleece across this large quilting hoop, trimmed it, and hung it on the wall using one of these 3M Command hooks. I used blue fleece because it provides nice contrast with most felt board items. The blue fleece also doubles as a beautiful blue sky! Fleece didn’t exist when felt boards first came out, but it is easier to use since it is stretchy. I find that fabrics stick to fleece better than they do to felt or flannel. The hook keeps the hoop up on our playroom wall, but it is easy to remove the hoop if we want to use our felt board somewhere else in the house.

Storytelling with a Felt Board

develop storytelling skills with a felt board

Five-year-old Lily was instantly enthralled with our new felt board! She took two of our little fashion bears and created quite a storyline for them!

Easy to make felt board for storytelling

From the looks of what I found on the board a couple hours later, their story got pretty exciting! This activity also got Lily thinking that she need some overalls. Does anyone have a nice sewing tutorial for children’s overalls?

More Resources for Storytelling with Felt Boards

There are some great ready-made felt boards you can buy, if you don’t want to make your own. Here are three great options:

  • Flannel Tabletop Easel. This one is nice because it stands up on its own. It is fairly large – 18 by 24 inches.a
  • Felt Notice Board. This one stands out because it is very large – 36 by 24 inches.

Living Felt Visuals sells fun ready-made felt pieces. Here are a few of their fun sets:

If you’re looking to encourage a little storytelling on the go, I rarely recommend apps but Felt Board is a lovely app that we have loved using on our Kindle Fire and Android tablet.

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  1. I love that you shared a felt board! It seems that they are falling to the wayside with all the other techno stuff out there! LOVE it!

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