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Story Land!

Riding the Story Land train

We had a mini family getaway to Story Land last weekend! Story Land is a very mellow (especially if you go at the very beginning of the season), Mother Goose tale themed amusement park in Glen, New Hampshire – perfect for young children! It was also a very frugal vacation – we were able to use the member passes that we invested in last summer (buy at the end of the season and it is good for the next season as well), and our hotel was free thanks to all the hotel points Mike accumulated while traveling for work for over half of last year.

We pulled the kids out of school on Friday so we could make it up there for the afternoon. I’m so glad we did – the weather was perfect Friday, and rain POURED all day Saturday!

Safari ride at Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire

Lily loves the very mellow rides – the train, safari ride, and hot air balloon Ferris wheel. Her absolute favorite? Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage – a fun one for all three kids, as you can see:

Riding in Cinderella's pumpkin carriage at Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire

The carriage drives up to Cinderella’s castle, where you can meet Cinderella – which my kids loved! What did they love even more? Sitting on Cinderella’s throne when we went up there and she was out!

Sitting on Cinderella's throne at Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire

The one bonus of braving the pouring rain Saturday? New Hampshire’s PBS station was visiting, and so the kids go to meet The Cat in The Hat, and Curious George!

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

26 thoughts on “Story Land!”

  1. Elisa | blissfulE

    Awesome visit, and terrific photos, too!! I love how captivated they seem. Wonderful memories!!

  2. Kristen @ TeachingStars

    When I was a young girl my parents used to take my siblings and I on these long car rides. Inevitably we would get lost- my sister would whine about being car sick, my dad would sing America the Beautiful- we’d be gone for hours. Once my parents stumbled upon this small amusement park based on fairy tales. We spent all day there. Later on, my parents tried finding it again but it was gone. We still mention it on occasion. Your post made me recall those old car rides with my family.
    What memories you are making with your children!

  3. How fun! What a great day. Bummer about the rain though. I can’t believe how big the kids look in these pics.

  4. Oh I hope we can make it to Story Land this season too! Love the delighted expressions on the girls’ faces : )

    1. Last summer was our first time, and it’s been very fun! I really like the fact that, if you wait until later in the season, you can get a pass that works for the next season as well.

  5. Sounds like another great time!!
    My kids would love this too…we need to come hang out for a week or two…or month or two! :)

  6. This looks like a terrific park. I love the picture of three kids in the pumpkin carriage.

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