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STEM Fun for Kids: Code Your Name in Jewelry

Introduce kids to binary code by teaching them to code their names – in jewelry! Plus more STEM fun for kids. You might also enjoy this collection of STEM activities for kids using household items.

hands-on STEM learning for kids - code your name in beads.

Did you know that you an write your name in binary (the language computers speak) using the ASCII code that computers read? Emma got to do this fun name coding STEM activity through our local church group. She loved it, and it’s a great way to introduce kids to computer brains.


Computers assign a string of 0s and 1s to different letters, symbols, and instructions, and this is called binary code. Emma was given a list of all the letters of the alphabet, and then she got to pick one color of bead to represent 1 (she picked red) and another color to represent 0 (she picked black). The blue beads are spaces between the letters of her name.

You can read more about this project and find the ASCII code you can use on this blog. Emma’s name is short, but kids with longer names will need to make necklaces.

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Looking for materials for this activity? Here are our recommendations:


Computer coding is a big deal here in Silicon Valley. My kids do simple coding in computer class at school, and their dad is a computer scientist. Binary code was something Emma had heard about before, but this activity helped solidify the concept in her mind.

I especially love that this activity is one that easily engages girls (read why I believe that STEM is important for girls).

Did you know that the raised and lowered dots of braille are another form of binary code? So is Morse Code! You could easily adapt activity to teach kids Morse Code (assign one color for dashes and another for dots).

Introduce kids to binary code by teaching them to code their names - in jewelry! #STEMed #binary #kidsactivities #STEAMkids

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What are your favorite STEM activities for kids? Have you introduced your kids to binary code yet?

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  1. jeannine @ waddleeahchaa

    Wow, all of this computer coding is my weak area! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

  2. So much LOVE for binary art; what an awesome idea! Thanks for the inspiration. Am going to try something out with the nephew soon, once I figure out what to use for representation, heh. :)

  3. Elisa | blissfulE

    Fantastic! Emma’s name is beautiful even in code! :) You could even use dot- and dash-shaped beads for a Morse Code version. Plus, this would be a great activity for a spy-themed birthday party (says the mama who never throws parties…!)

  4. Oh my goodness. What a neat idea. This is a field that I feel very inadequate in. We’re mostly an arts/literature family, but I absolutely want to make sure my kids have knowledge in STEM and be prepared should they decide to do that in the future. So I’m going to have to start pinning some of the awesome ideas you share.

    (Also, I’m trying to comment with a different email and seeing if it goes through. Fingers crossed!)

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